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Jumat, Oktober 19, 2012

Lirik Lagu Innerbeauty - Peace Through Understanding

Peace Through Understanding"

When I read a words that it told me
It made me sad this lack of self control I fear is never
ending as long of my life
I'm trying to get up that great
Big hill of hope for a destination I realized quickly
when I knew I should that the world
That the world was made up of this, so...
I cry sometimes when lying in bed
Then I start feeling a little stranger
To get it all out what is in my bed
So.. I wake in the morning I step outside take deep
I get real high than I scream form the top of my
What's goin'on I try all the time
In this institution I pray
A every single day
For a revolution.
Peace through understanding in to existence
May to be always
Peace through understanding
Moving from within
And clothes at my breast
Courtesy of Lirik Lagu Metal - Kumpulan Lirik Lagu Hak cipta milik band tersebut.

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