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Jumat, Oktober 12, 2012


“Cold and Empty World”

The earth now like
A lost space
No more justice
No more honesty law
Every one lost of confidence
No more trust each other I fell this land
Lost a sense of human
All man kind un care
To each other
All system in this land
Began s a cruel No forgiven for a mistake
This is world now fell
Cold and empty

“Hope to Believe”

What was an evil think
Power of hope a will reward
That was the badly for me
I was the stranger why ?
Want to feel centoury why ?
Why was they planning with that ? We had to have that time
I just want hope to believe
Behind the look like my self
There is a hope of it to be
Between what must refuse to see
I was want they to believe

“End of the World”

After no one this world
After no more pray and preach
After the world was destroyed
After the corpse were living
To responsible they lived
No more kidding and jocking This is time when you meet
Your god
No more hitting and killing
This is the when you meet
Your king
Many people fall to hell Many people fly to heaven
All that because of themselves
That All because of themselves

“Destructor of Society”

The beatle in everywhere
The destruction broken
They Attack in anywhere
They always in happen
To supress man people
That they call you


With you word are very cool
But your act are very fool
You can do anything
You should listen to me
The destructor broken
The doomsday happen They attack in anywhere
They always broken

“Power of Darkness”

This is the night time
The time when the
king of darkness
Walk out from this temple
To seek the new victim
This is the bad time The time when the
king of darkness
Walk out from this temple
To choose the new victim
I'm the king of darkness
Blood is my drink I'm live in anywhere
When no one faith
When no more honest
When no one faith
When no more honest
In this ...world

“Never Ending Blinded”

The blinded begin touch a rule
More human can’t see reality
The crime spread a world
The fear in flatter the soul
Official to flatter the government
The creap live in rule The creap live in a law
The creap live in justice
There’s nothing can do
Until every one concscious
To change the world
From never ending blinded Change the rule
Change The law
Change the world

“Sleeping with Demon”

When I fall, I Sleep
Deep inside my mind
I meet some evil
The evil from the hell
When I go nightmare
Deep inside my head I found the monster
The monster of my mind
I run, I scream
They chasing me
I heat a bite
They killing me Oh, god if this a dream
Place Oh..Pleace wake me
Wake me from a long sleep
The sleep with nightmare
Wake me up, Help me up
Wake me up, Help me up

“Loh Jinawi”

Sakeh ira ratu samanteng
Rat jawa kulwan sumuhun
Mwang matur atra ring sira
Sang prabu wastu
Irikang kala nagara
Gemah ripah loh jinawi Hetunya sang prabu hanata
Maharaja purwa mwang
Ambek ira sang paramerta

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