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Kamis, Januari 05, 2012

CARDAMON Posted Free album to Download "Sun as Never"

Most of the album deals with reaching one's full potential; knowing where it lies, working towards it and realizing when it's there. Having been around for a couple of years, we feel we are getting closer to the core of things, both musically and in life itself. And this album, for us, is just another step
in the right direction, onto the next level.

We're in this for the love, and nothing else.

We decided to power the release and distribution of our music with the same fuel, unlimited by industry rules. We're not pressing cd's, no iTunes, no Amazon. Exclusively on our own website, you can download 'Sun as Never' for free.
NO charge. How's that for love? We hope to play as many live gigs as possible to spread our message. For those who really want to support us financially, we made 100 limited edition USB drives with the album, artwork and extra's on it, available for 10 euros, shipping worldwide. (p&p not included)

Cardamon - Sun as Never (album 2011)
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Gothic Metal
01. Away From the Light 04:31
02. Down Alone 05:00
03. Spanning the Distance 04:13
04. All You Were Meant to Be 04:24
05. Antithesis 03:36
06. Masterminds 06:23
07. Deaf or Blind 04:45
08. Walk on By 04:10
09. Amaze Yourself (Sun as Never) 03:54
10. Wide Eyes 04:27
Click Here To Download

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