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Sabtu, Juni 25, 2011

Album Review (Download) Draconian A Rose For Apocalypse 2011

Details Free Album Review Now :
Band / artist / Group : Draconian
Album : A Rose For Apocalypse
Release : 2011
Genre: Gothic Metal / Melodic Doom Metal
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 148 Mb
DOWNLOAD ALBUM FREE Draconian A Rose For Apocalypse 2011 AND LYRICS
Draconian - A Rose For Apocalypse (2011)

1. The Drowning Age
2. The Last Hour of Ancient Sunlight
3. End of the Ropebr
4. Elysian Night
5. Deadlight
6. Dead World Assembly
7. A Phantom Dissonance
8. The Quiet Storm
9. The Death of Hours
10. Wall of Sighs (Bonus track)
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