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Gothic Metal Band List Of The World

...In Her Lie - Gothic/Doom Metal
...of the Human Condition - Melodic Death / Gothic Metal
13 Candles (Gbr) - Gothic Metal/Rock
2 Son Multitud - Doom/Gothic/Folk Metal
2Excess - Gothic Metal (early), Dark/Progressive Metal (late…

...In Her Lie - Gothic/Doom Metal
...of the Human Condition - Melodic Death / Gothic Metal
13 Candles (Gbr) - Gothic Metal/Rock
2 Son Multitud - Doom/Gothic/Folk Metal
2Excess - Gothic Metal (early), Dark/Progressive Metal (later)
3's Eve - Gothic Black Metal
3rd Room - Gothic Metal
4order - Gothic Metal
4saken1 - Gothic Metal
69 - Gothic/Doom Metal
7th Moon - Gothic Doom Metal
9xDead - Gothic Metal
A Dark Performance - Melodic Gothic Metal
A Dream of Poe - Gothic/Doom Metal
A Fonds Perdu - Gothic Metal
A New Dawn - Melodic/Gothic Metal
A Pale Horse Named Death - Doom/Gothic Metal
A Scapegoat's Faith - Progressive Gothic Metal
Aava - Gothic/Power Metal
Aavas - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Ab Aeterno - Gothic Metal
Abadoom - Gothic Metal
Abigail (Rou) - Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Abonos - Gothic Metal
Absentia (Esp) - Symphonic Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Abside (Ita) - Progressive Heavy/Gothic Metal
Abwhore - Blackened Gothic Metal
Abysmal Grief - Gothic/Doom Metal
Abyss (Rus) - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Abyssaria - Gothic Black Metal
Access Beyond - Gothic Metal
Accid Reign - Gothic Metal
Acelsia - Gothic Metal/Rock
Acheron (Pol) - Gothic/Black Metal
Aclinic Line - Death/Gothic Metal
Acoustical Crime - Thrash/Death Metal (early), Thrash/Gothic Metal (later)
Acrolith - Gothic Metal/Rock
Acropolis (Rus) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Act 3 - Gothic Metal
Activated Carbon - Gothic Metal
Ad Infinitum (Swe) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Ad Nutum - Pagan/Gothic Metal
Ad Vacuum - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Adagio del Limbo - Gothic Metal
Adastreia - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Adh Seidh (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Ador Dorath - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Adoration - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Adversus - Gothic Metal with Folk influences
Advocatus Diaboli (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Aenigmata - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Aeons - Gothic Metal
Aeternitas (Deu) - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Aevum (Ita) - Gothic Metal with Progressive Influences
After Dark (Deu) - Gothic Metal
After Forever - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Afterglow (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Agate - Gothic Metal
Agathodaimon - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Ageless (Pol) - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Aggelos - Gothic Metal
Aghast (Col) - Gothic Metal
Aghonya - Gothic Metal
Aglarond - Gothic/Doom Metal
Agogh - Gothic Metal
Agon (Esp) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Agonia (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Agonística - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Agony (Aut) - Gothic Metal
Agora (Tur) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Agregator - Gothic/Death Metal
Aion (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Aither - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Akael - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Akallabeth (USA) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Akem Manah (Bel) - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Akentra - Gothic Metal/Rock
Akkabal - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Akoma - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Akphaezya - Avant-garde Gothic/Progressive Metal
Alantia - Gothic Metal
Alchem - Gothic Metal
Alchemists of Darkness - Gothic Metal
Alchemy of Life - Epic Doom/Gothic Metal
Alchera (Ven) - Gothic Metal
Aldaron - Doom/Gothic/Heavy Metal
Aldren Liebe - Dark/Gothic Metal
Alek - Progressive Metal with Gothic influences
Aleph (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Alexandria (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Alexandria (USA) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Alibech - Gothic Metal
Alice in Darkland - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Alight - Gothic Metal
All Shall End - Gothic Metal/Classical
Alleri Ahe - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Allure of Damnation - Gothic/Black Metal
Alma Mater - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Almacridaem - Gothic Metal
Almôra - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Altair (Pol) - Death/Doom Metal (early), Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
Altamira - Gothic/Doom/Atmospheric Metal
Altherea - Gothic Metal
Amadea - Gothic/Death Metal
Amadeus - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Amalthea (Deu) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Amantyde - Gothic Metal
Amaranth (Srb) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Amaranthys - Gothic Metal
Amarantine - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Amartia - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Amatory - Gothic Metal
Amatris - Gothic Metal
Amazigh - Gothic Metal
Ambrosia (Grc) - Black/Gothic Metal
Amederia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Amenkharis - Gothic/Doom Metal
Amenophis Dusk - Gothic Black Metal
Amenthes - Gothic/Death Metal
Amerta - Gothic Metal
Amidst the Withering - Black/Gothic Metal
Amnom - Gothic/Death Metal
Ámok - Gothic/Doom Metal
Amon Hen (Esp) - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Amor e Morte (Bgr) - Symphonic/Orchestral Black/Gothic Metal
Amor e Morte (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Amoris Umbra - Gothic/Doom Metal
Amorticure - Gothic / Death Metal
Amos - Gothic Metal
Amset - Heavy Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Amsvartnit - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Anabantha - Doom / Gothic Metal
Anachorete - Blackened Gothic Metal
AnaDies - Gothic Metal
Analog - Gothic Metal
Anaphora (Fra) - Symphonic Gothic Metal/Rock
Anatomiae Occultii - Progressive Gothic Metal
Ancestral (Esp) - Death Metal (early), Dark Gothic Metal (later)
Ancient Drive - Gothic Metal
Ancient Prophecy (Deu) - Power / Death / Gothic Metal
Anckora - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Ancor - Gothic Metal
Andem - Melodic Gothic/Power Metal
Anemonia - Gothic Metal
Angel (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Angel of Anger - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Angel of Fire (Hrv) - Gothic Metal
Angel's Sorrow - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Angelblood - Doom/Gothic Metal
Angelcoma - Gothic/Black Metal with Industrial Influences
Angelcorpus - Gothic Metal
Angeldark - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Angelical Tears - Gothic Metal/Rock
Angélida - Melodic/Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Angelize - Gothic Metal
Angelize Project - Gothic Metal
Angels in Exile - Dark Doom/Gothic Metal
Angels of Deception - Thrash/Gothic Metal
Angelus (Ven) - Gothic Metal
Angercure - Gothic Metal
Angry Demon - Black/Gothic Metal
Angryon - Gothic/Black Metal
Angtoria - Gothic Metal
Anhedonia (Mex) - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Anima (Bol) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Anima Naïve - Gothic Metal
Anima Poetae - Dark Gothic Metal
Animae Vector - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Ankhagram - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Anlis - Gothic Metal
Annatar - Symphonic Dark Gothic Metal
Anomally - Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Anon Remora - Gothic/Doom Metal
Anora Dimentia - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Another Sad - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Ansoticca - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Antarhes - Gothic Metal
Anthyma - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Anti-Systematic - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Antichrisis - Melodic Gothic/Black/Folk Metal (early) Medieval Gothic Rock/Folk (later)
Antinomy - Avant-Garde/Extreme Gothic Metal
Antonamasia - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Anubis (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Anubiz - Gothic/ Death Metal
Anueta - Gothic Metal
Aperion - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Aphelion Aphrodites - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Apnia - Melodic Gothic Metal
Apocalypse Woman - Doom/Gothic Metal
Apostate (Pol) - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Apparition (Gbr) - Gothic Metal
April Fish - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Apriori (USA) - Gothic Metal
AraPacis - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Arborea - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Arbour - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Arcane Asylum - Black Metal/Gothic Rock
Arcane Dimension - Gothic Metal
Archaic Revival - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Archantia - Melodic Death/Gothic/Power Metal
Archmages - Doom / Gothic Metal
Ardor - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Ardulph Ardebahr Wald - Black/Gothic Metal
Arenaris - Black Metal (early), Gothic/Dark/Death Metal (later)
Arevhutus - Gothic Metal
Arhat - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Arise from Thorns - Doom/Gothic/Progressive Metal
Arkan - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal with Middle Eastern Influences
Arkhesia - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Armaga - Gothic/Doom Metal
Armenia - Crust/Thrash Metal/Gothic
Armour (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Army of in Between - Gothic/Industrial (early), Black/Industrial Metal (later)
Árnyak - Gothic Metal
Ars Amatoria - Gothic Metal/Progressive Rock
Art de Light - Gothic Metal/Rock
Art in Exile - Dark / Gothic Metal with Industrial influences
Art of Abyssus - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Art of Silence - Gothic Metal
Ártemis - Gothic Doom Metal
Artery (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Artificio (Ven) - Gothic Metal
Artmania - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Artrosis (Pol) - Gothic Metal
As Light Dies - Death/Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
Asche des Lebens - Gothic Rock/Metal
Asebia - Gothic Metal with Darkwave influences
Asgaard - Gothic/Black/Doom Metal
Asgard (Ukr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Asguard - Melodic Death Metal, Gothic/Industrial Metal
Ashen (Nld) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Ashen Images - Gothic Metal
Ashes of Destiny - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Ashes You Leave - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Ashler - Progressive, Gothic Metal/Rock
Asmoday - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Asmodeus (Swe) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Aspergillus Flavus - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Asphodel - Doom/Death Metal (early) - Gothic Metal (later)
Asriel - Melodic Power/Gothic Metal
Asstellyte - Gothic Metal
Asterius - Blackened Symphonic / Gothic Metal
Asthenia - Gothic Metal
Astheria - Gothic Metal
Astral (Cze) - Black/Gothic Metal
Astral Symphony - Gothic Metal
Astrodust - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Asura (Ita) - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Asylum (Hrv) - Industrial/Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal
Asynja - Gothic/Folk/Viking Metal
At Dawn (Deu) - Gothic Rock/Metal with Death Metal and Industrial influences
At Domine - Gothic/Death Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later)
At Infinitum - Gothic Metal
Atanab - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Atargatis - Gothic Metal
Ate - Extreme Gothic Metal
Atenoux - Symphonic/Gothic/Black Metal
Ater Draconis - Gothic Metal
Athalay - Black/Gothic Metal
Athanor (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Athenia - Gothic Metal
Atis (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Atmosfairy - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Atmosfear (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Atoll Nerat - Gothic Black Metal
Atomica - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Atratus (Tur) - Gothic Metal
Atrocity (Deu) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial (later)
Atromorta - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Atrox (Nor) - Avant-garde Gothic/Progressive Metal
Augury (Deu) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Aura+ - Gothic Metal/Rock
Auri Sacra - Gothic Metal
Auto-de-Fe - Gothic/Doom Metal
Autumn (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Autumn (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Autumn Clan - Gothic Metal
Autumn Dweller - Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Autumn Rain Melancholy - Gothic/Doom Metal
Autumn Sun - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Autumn Tenebre - Gothic Metal
Autumn Twilight - Gothic Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Autumnblaze - Melodic Blackened Doom Metal (early), Gothic/Depressive Rock (later)
Ava Inferi - Gothic/Doom Metal
Avalon Burning - Gothic Metal with Power influences
Avariel - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Avatar (Bel) - Symphonic Black Metal (early) - Gothic/Black Metal (later)
Avatar (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Avathar (Aut) - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Avernus - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Avith - Gothic Metal
Awake by Design - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Ayin Aleph - Progressive/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Azotth - Gothic Metal
Azrael's Progeny - Gothic Metal
Azrael's Seed - Gothic/Doom Metal
Azylya - Gothic Metal
Babylon Mystery Orchestra - Symphonic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Ballastic - Gothic Metal
Banshee (Fra) - Gothic / Black / Heavy Metal
Bards Beyond Time - Gothic/Power Metal
Baron d'Estigny - Progressive Melodic / Gothic Metal
Barona - Gothic Metal
Basilisk (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Batalion d'Amour - Gothic Rock/Metal
Bates Motel (Can) - Gothic Metal
Beautiful Betrayal - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Melodic Metal (later)
Beautiful Darkness - Doom/Gothic Metal with Power Metal elements
Bee - Gothic Metal
Before the Dawn - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Belfry - Gothic/Power Metal
Beltphanath - Doom Gothic Metal
Belyerath - Gothic/Doom Metal
Beneath the Light - Experimental Gothic/Doom Metal with Ambient influences
Beneath Utopia - Death/Gothic Metal
Berserk Inc. - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Beseech - Gothic Metal
Betray My Secrets - Atmospheric Folk Gothic/Doom Metal
Betrayal (USA) - Thrash Metal (1988-1994), Industrial Gothic Metal (1999- )
Betrayed by Life - Gothic Metal
Beu Ribe - Gothic/Black Metal
Beyon-D-Lusion - Gothic Metal
Beyond (Ita) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Beyond Darkness - Traditional / Gothic Metal
Beyond North - Doom/Gothic Metal
Beyond Salem - Gothic Metal/Darkwave
Beyond Sanity - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal
Beyond Surface - Gothic Metal
Beyond the Dream - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Beyond the Torchlight - Gothic Metal
Beyond Visions - Gothic Metal
Biaxadent - Gothic Metal
Black & Dark - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Black Aggie - Gothic Metal
Black Azalea - Doom/Gothic Metal
Black Book Members - Gothic/Doom Metal
Black Comedy - Industrial/Gothic/Thrash Metal
Black Countess - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
Black Dust - Extreme Gothic Metal
Black Elegy - Gothic/Doom Metal
Black Eternity - Gothic Metal
Black Fever - Gothic Doom Metal
Black Harlequin - Gothic Melodic Metal
Black Infinity - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Black Knight Symfonia - Gothic Metal
Black Leaves - Folk/Gothic Metal
Black Natural - Gothic Metal
Black Nazareth - Dark/Gothic Metal
Black Orchid (Aus) - Gothic Metal
Black Prevails - Gothic Metal/Rock
Black Sol - Black/Gothic Metal
Black Sun City - Gothic Metal/Rock
Black Swan (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Black Temple - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Black Thorns - Gothic Black Metal
Black Thorns Lodge - Gothic Metal
Black Twilight (Ita) - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Black Warrior - Melodic Power/Gothic Metal
Black Widows - Gothic Metal
Black Zodiac - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Blackfeather - Gothic Metal
Blackosphere - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Blacktank - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Blackthorn (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Blandish - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Bleak Shadows - Doom/Gothic Metal/Rock
Bleeding Tears - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Blessed Are the Sick - Gothic Orchestral Black Metal
Blessed Suicide - Gothic/Doom Metal
Blinded Rain - Gothic/Doom Metal
Bliss (Gbr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Blood Corps - Gothic Rock/Metal
Blood Runs Deep - Gothic/Doom Metal
Blood Sundae - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Bloodflowerz - Gothic Metal
Bloodforge - Gothic/Doom/Heavy Metal
Bloodparade - Gothic Metal
Bloody Blossom - Gothic/Doom Metal
Bloody Tears (Rus) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Bloody Thorns - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Blue Sound Traffic - Gothic Metal
Blut Formicarium - Black/Gothic/Folk Metal
Blüdd - Gothic Metal
Born in Winter - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Breathe One's Last - Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Gothic/Dark Rock (later)
Breathless (Tha) - Gothic Metal
Broken Hearted - Gothic Metal
Brutalidad Carnal - Black/Gothic Metal
Burning Tears (Chl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
By Blood Alone - Progressive Gothic Metal
C-Rom - Gothic Metal with Electronic influences
Cadaveria (Ita) - Symphonic Gothic/Doom/Black Metal
Cadenz in Black - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Caer Ibormeith - Symphonic Gothic / Black Metal (early), Death Metal with Progressive Rock influences (later)
Caladmor - Folk/Gothic Metal
Calatrilloz - Gothic Metal/Rock
Callahan - Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Calvary (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Canaan (Ita) - Dark Ambient Gothic Metal
Candle Light - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Canis Luna - Melodic Dark/Gothic/Electronic Metal
Canonis - Doom Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Cantata Sangui - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
Capela das Almas - Gothic Metal
Captured Dreams - Gothic Metal
Cardamon - Gothic Rock/Metal
Carmilla Morte - Atmospheric/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Carnarium - Black/Gothic Metal
Carpatia Castle - Gothic/Doom Metal
Carrier Flux - Industrial Blackened Gothic Metal
Carthago (Deu) - Thrash Metal with Gothic Metal influences
Carthago (Nld) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Carven - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Cascade - Gothic Metal
Cascania - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Casket (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Casket Casey - Gothic Metal/Rock
Cassandra Syndrome - Operatic/Gothic Metal
Cataclysmic Avatar - Extreme Gothic Metal
Catafalque (Tur) - Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Atmospheric Gothic Metal (later)
Catamenia - Melodic Black Metal (early), Melodic Death/Gothic Metal (later)
Cathanion - Industrial Gothic / Black Metal (early) Industrial / Ambient with Metal influences (later)
Cathis Ord - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Catwitch - Gothic/Power Metal
Cayne - Gothic Doom Metal
Cele Kula - Gothic Doom Metal
Celesta - Gothic/Doom Metal
Celestial Crown - Gothic / Doom / Black Metal
Celestial Dream (Deu) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Celestial Melodies - Gothic/Doom Metal
Celestial Scream - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Celtic Frost - Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early), Avant-garde (late 80s), Glam (Cold Lake) Gothic/Doom Metal (2000s)
Cemetary - Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Cemetery of Scream - Doom/Gothic Metal
Cenotaph (Deu) - Death/Gothic Metal
Century Sleeper - Progressive/Gothic/Doom Metal
Céphée Lyra - Gothic Metal
Cephyrius - Gothic Metal
Cerebral Suppression - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Chalice (Aus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Channeling - Gothic/Epic Doom Metal
Chant Ancestral - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Chantry - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Chaos Chronicles - Melodic Gothic/Extreme Metal
Chaos Lords - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Chaosphere (Ita) - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Chapelblaque - Gothic Metal
Charlie Drown - Industrial Thrash/Gothic Metal
Charm Designer - Gothic Metal
Charme - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Charon (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Charon (Hun) - Gothic Death Metal
Chemical Warfare - Death/Thrash Metal with Gothic/Doom Metal influences
Childermas - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Electronic/Gothic Rock (now)
Children of the Floyd - Gothic Metal
Children of Tragedy - Gothic/Symphonic Groove Metal
Choose Death - Gothic Metal
Chord of Souls - Gothic/Doom Metal
Christ the Insane - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Christabel - Gothic/Death Metal with Progressive influences
Chronic (Ita) - Thrash/Gothic Metal
Chrysalis (USA) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Chthonian Alchemy - Gothic/Doom Metal
Circle of Grief - Doom / Gothic Metal with Folk influences
Cirrha Niva - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Ciryam - Progressive/Gothic Rock/Metal
Ciryus - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Ckelinar - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Clair de Lune Morte - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Clanraven - Death Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal
Clapatria - Gothic/Doom Metal
Clavelklan - Gothic Metal
Claymords - Death Metal with Doom/Gothic Elements
Clayskin - Progressive Gothic Metal
Closed Casket (USA) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Clothes of Death - Gothic Metal
Clouds of Sadness - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Codename:Wingless - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Coffin Fodder - Black/Gothic Metal
Coffin for Mary - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
Cognitive Experiment - Melodic Black / Gothic Metal
Cold Colours - Atmospheric Death/Gothic Metal
Cold Passion - Gothic/Doom Metal
Colde - Gothic/Melodic Thrash Metal
Colder thy Kiss - Gothic Doom Metal
Coldseed - Gothic/Groove/Industrial Metal
Colleen - Gothic Metal
Comédie Macabre - Symphonic Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Common Social Phenomenon - Progressive Metal with Gothic influences
Compos Mentis (Dnk) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Con Anima - Dark/Gothic Metal
Concept Chaos - Gothic Metal
Condemnation (Svk) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Confess - Gothic/Doom Metal
Confetti - Gothic/Funeral Doom Metal, Ambient
Confligo - Gothic Folk Metal
Confusion (Pol) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Congestion - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Consecrated - Doom/Gothic Metal
Consensus (Bel) - Gothic Metal
Consummatum Est - Gothic/Funeral Doom Metal
Contrha - Heavy Metal with Doom/Gothic Influences
Coronatus - Gothic Metal
Corvo - Industrial Gothic Metal
Corvus Mortis - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Cosmic Dream - Gothic Metal
Couvertier - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Coventide - Progressive Black/Death/Gothic/Folk Metal
Cracked Corpuscles - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal with Rock influences
Cradle of Filth - Death Metal (early), Symphonic Black Metal (mid), Extreme Gothic Metal (later)
Crafter of Gods - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Crave for Light - Gothic Metal
Creation's Tears - Gothic Metal/Rock
Creatures of Dawn - Gothic/Operatic Metal with Power Metal elements
Credo (Deu) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Crematory (Deu) - Gothic Death Metal (early), Industrial/Gothic Metal (later)
Crepuscular Decadance - Gothic Doom Metal
Crescent Lament - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Cries on Blood - Gothic/Doom Metal
Crimson (Fin) - Heavy/Power/Gothic Metal
Crimson Altar - Gothic Metal, Melodic Heavy Rock
Crimson Black - Gothic Metal
Crimson Garden - Gothic Metal
Crimson Tears (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Crown of Sins - Gothic Metal
Crowned with Black - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Crownless - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Crucifixion (Bra) - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Crucifixion (Gbr) - Progressive/Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Crucifixus - Gothic/Black Metal
Cruelty of Darkness - Gothic Metal
Cry of Swan - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Crying Memory - Melodic Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Cryptal Darkness - Death Metal/Grindcore (early), Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
Crysalis - Gothic/Black Metal
Crysalys (Ita) - Gothic Metal/Metalcore
Crystal Crow - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Crystal Tears (Ita) - Gothic Doom Metal
Crystallite - Gothic Metal
Cult of Dionysis - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Cult of Shadows - Gothic/Death Metal
Cultus Sanguine - Gothic/Black/Doom Metal
Cursed Life - Gothic Metal
Cyan - Death Metal with Gothic/Industrial Elements
Cybele - Gothic/doom/atmospheric Metal
Cyber Cross - Gothic Metal
Cygnus Rift - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Cynicism - Gothic Metal
Cyril Lepizzera Group Arianrod - Gothic Metal
Cyst (Deu) - Gothic Metal
D'arch - Symphonic Gothic Metal
D'erlanger - Power/Speed Metal (early), Gothic/Pop Rock (later)
D.A.D. - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Metalcore (later)
Daarchlea - Extreme Gothic Metal
Daedalus (Mex) - Gothic Metal
Daemonia Nymphe - Greek Gothic/Folk
Daeonia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dagorlad (Bel) - Black / Gothic / Atmospheric Metal
Daimonion (Pol) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Dakrua - Dark/Gothic Metal
Dakrya - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Dame en Noir - Doom/Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Damn-Nation - Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Dana - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Danain - Gothic Metal
Daniel Lioneye - Stoner Rock (early), Melodic Black/Gothic Metal (later)
Danse Macabre (Bel) - Gothic Metal
Darcanum - Gothic/Dark Metal
Darchaic - Gothic Metal
Dark (Deu) - Death/Thrash Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
Dark Ages (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Dark Autumn (Chl) - Black/Gothic Metal
Dark Cathedral - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Dark Dead Mind - Doom/Gothic Metal
Dark December - Doom/Gothic Metal
Dark Diamonds - Power/Heavy Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Dark Dream (Rus) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Dark Eden (Bra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Eden (USA) - Gothic/Black Metal
Dark Embrace (Esp) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Erial - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dark Faces - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Dark Land (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Mirror ov Tragedy - Symphonic Black/Gothic/Death Metal
Dark of Groth - Extreme Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Dark Period - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dark Princess - Gothic Metal/Rock
Dark Sanctuary - Darkwave / Gothic Neoclassical
Dark Secret Love - Gothic Metal
Dark Serenity - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Dark Silence (Per) - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
Dark Society - Death/Thrash Metal with Gothic Influences
Dark Soul Project - Gothic Metal
Dark Tales (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Dark Templar (Chl) - Blackened Gothic Metal
Dark the Suns - Melodic Dark/Gothic Metal
Dark Truth - Gothic Doom Metal
Dark Unfathomed - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
Dark Veneris - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Dark Vision - Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal
Dark Whisper (Arg) - Gothic Metal
Dark Winter (Ukr) - Gothic Metal
Dark Yearning - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Dark-N - Gothic Metal
Darken (Deu) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Darken My Grief - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Darkest Place - Extreme Gothic Metal
Darklands (Swe) - Gothic / Doom Metal
Darklight (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Darklight (Ita) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Darkness (Idn) - Gothic Black Metal
Darkness Rose - Gothic Metal
Darkseed - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic/Heavy Metal (later)
Darkshines - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Darkside of Innocence - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Darkwell - Gothic/Doom Metal
Darrell Deese - Heavy/Gothic Metal, Shred
Darzamat - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Dask - Gothic/Black Metal
David Galas - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dawn of Despair - Gothic Metal
Dawn of Dreams (Aut) - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Dawn of Oblivion - Gothic Metal
Dawn of Solace - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dawn of the Obscene - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Dawn of Wrath - Gothic/Death Metal
Day of Atonement (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Daylight Misery - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Daylight Torn (Aut) - Gothic Metal/Rock
Daywalker - Gothic Metal
De Facto - Gothic Metal
De Profundis (Fra) - Gothic Doom/Black Metal
De.mented - Power/Thrash with Gothic elements
Deacons Lodge - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Dead December Wind - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dead Emotions - Gothic/Death Metal
Dead Heart Bleeding - Gothic Doom Metal
Dead Men Dream - Doom/Gothic Metal
Dead Poetry - Death/Gothic Metal (early) / Progressive Metal (now)
Dead Rites - Gothic/Doom Metal/Rock
Dead-end Track - Melodic Gothic Metal
DeadByDay - Blackened Gothic Metal
Deadland - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Deadlight - Melodic Gothic Metal
Deadly Silence - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Dear Sinner - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Death in Torture - Gothic Metal
Death Poems - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Deathcamp Project - Gothic Rock/Metal
Deathonator - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Melodic Death Metal (later)
Deathrical - Dark/Gothic Metal
Deathstrokardia - Thrash/Gothic Metal
Decapitated Sheep - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Decay of Humanity - Progressive Death/Gothic Metal
Decay of Mankind - Gothic metal
December's Fire - Orchestral Gothic Metal
December's Silence - Gothic Metal/Ambient
Decembrance - Progressive Metal, Gothic Rock
Deception (Esp) - Death/Gothic Metal
Deceptive Silence - Gothic/Doom Metal
Decline (Esp) - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Decoryah - Gothic Metal
Decrepit Spectre - Avant-Garde Gothic/Black Metal
Deep Cut - Groove/Gothic Metal
Deep Dream - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Deep Inside Myself - Gothic Metal/Rock
Defector (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Deflower Mind - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Deformation Guaranteed - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Dekadenz - Gothic Death Metal
Dekrowned - Doom/Gothic Metal
Delain - Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Delicado Sonido del Trueno - Gothic/Doom Metal
Delight - Gothic Metal
Delusion (Pol) - Atmospheric Heavy/Gothic Metal
Delusive Dawn - Gothic Black Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Delusive Work of Art - Dark Experimental, Gothic Doom Metal
Demas - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal/Gothcore
Demencia Mortalis - Gothic Metal
Demether - Gothic/Power Metal
Demimonde (Cze) - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Demimonde (Deu) - Thrash Metal with Gothic Influences
Demiurg (Deu) - Gothic Black Metal
Demogorgon (Rus) - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Demon Eyes (USA) - Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Demonia - Gothic Metal
Demonic Symphony - Symphonic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Demonicra - Gothic Black Metal
Demonium (Lie) - Power/Gothic Metal
Demons Make Saints - Thrash/Gothic Metal/Crossover
Demora - Gothic Metal
Dengel - Gothic Metal/Rock
Denia - Gothic Metal
Denight - Gothic Metal
Denigrate - Gothic Metal
Denizen (USA) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan - Neoclassical Power/Gothic Metal
Denun - Gothic/Doom Metal
Denyall - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Departing Dusk - Gothic/Doom Metal
Depressive World - Death/Gothic Metal
Derrame (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Desalento - Gothic Metal
Descanso Eterno - Doom Metal/Gothic Metal
Descension - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Desdemona (Pol) - Gothic Metal (early) - Industrial/Electronic Metal (now)
Desdenia - Doom/Gothic Metal
Desiderium (Nor) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Desire (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Desolate Sun - Gothic/Doom Metal
Desolate Ways - Gothic Metal
Despair's Tiny Things - Doom/Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Despondence - Gothic Metal
Destination: Nowhere - Gothic Metal/Rock
Destroyed Empire - Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Deva (Ita) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Deviate Damaen - Gothic Metal/Darkwave
Deviated Tomb - Gothic Metal
Devlin - Darkwave Gothic Doom
Devonian - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Dewian - Melodic Dark Gothic Metal
Dhanyank - Gothic Metal
Dharma (Hun) - Gothic Metal
Dhune - Gothic/Doom Metal (early) / Stoner Metal (Now)
Diableria - Gothic Metal
Diabolique (Swe) - Doom/Gothic Metal/Rock
Diabulus in Musica - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Diafragma - Death Metal (early), Gothic / Death Metal (later)
Diary of Destruction - Melodic Gothic Metal
Diastone - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Diathra - Doom/Death Metal (early) - Melodic Gothic Metal (now)
Die for Me - Gothic Metal
Dievotion - Gothic Metal
Difenbachia - Doom/Gothic Metal
Diluvial - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Diluvium - Gothic Rock/Metal
Diminished 7 - Gothic Rock/Metal
Dimlight - Dark/Death/Gothic Metal
DinUmbră - Industrial Psychedelic Metal (early), Gothic Industrial Metal (later)
Dirty Rain - Death Metal (early), Gothic / Doom Metal (later)
Dis Pater - Doom/Gothic Metal
Disbeliever (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Disdained (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Disgorged (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Disjustice - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Dismal (Bra) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Dismal Euphony - Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Disorder (Nld) - Black/Gothic Metal
Dispelled - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Dispersia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Disromance - Gothic Metal
Dissolute Paradise - Gothic Metal
Distorted (Isr) - Gothic / Melodic Death Metal with Middle Eastern influences
Distorttion - Gothic Metal
Distress (Fra) - Atmospheric Gothic Metal/Rock
Distrust (Deu) - Dark/Gothic Metal
Divercia - Dark Gothic Progressive Metal
Dividing Line - Gothic Metal
Divination (Aut) - Death/Heavy Metal with Gothic influence
Divine Lust - Gothic Doom Metal
Divine Nightmare - Gothic Metal
Divine Silence - Gothic Metal
Djëvel - Black/Gothic Metal
Do Not Dream - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Dogma (Prt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Domina In - Doom/Gothic Metal
Domina Noctis - Gothic Metal
Domination Black - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Doom Tenebras - Gothic/Doom Metal
Down Below - Gothic Metal / Rock
Down in a Hole - Gothic Metal (early), Alternative Rock (later)
Downfall A.D. - Gothic Metal
Downscarred - Gothic Metal
Dr Death - Industrial Gothic Metal
Dr. Salazar - Gothic Metal
Draconian (Swe) - Gothic Doom Metal
Dragonfly (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Dragonflys - Gothic/Death Metal
Dragoria - Black/Gothic Metal
Drakma - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Drama (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Dramatvm - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
DrammaGothica - Gothic Metal
Drastique - Gothic Metal
Drat - Gothic/Heavy/Thrash Metal
Drawn - Psychedelic/Gothic Black Metal
Dread Veil - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dreadful Shadows - Gothic Metal
Dream Catcher - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Dream Infernal - Gothic Metal
Dream Shell - Melodic Gothic Metal
DreamAge - Melodic Gothic Metal
Dreamer - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Dreamgrave - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dreaming Fairy - Heavy Metal with Gothic Influences
Dreaming Gods - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Dreamlike Horror - Atmospheric Black/Gothic Metal
Dreams of Sanity - Gothic Metal/Rock
Dreams of Tears - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
DreamScar - Gothic/Death Metal/Metalcore
Dremora - Symphonic/Gothic/Opera Metal
Drep - Metalcore with Viking/Gothic Influences
Drop That Head - Thrash Metal with Gothic influences
Drown Me Blue - Gothic/Dark Metal
Drowned in the Darkness - Gothic/Ambient/Death/Doom with Black influences.
Drusus - Gothic Metal/Ambient
Duel of Fate - Gothic/Power Metal
Duma Xesbet - Gothic Metal
Dusk (Pol) - Gothic/Extreme Avant-garde Metal
DXS - Industrial Gothic/Black Metal
Dying Daylight - Gothic Metal
Dying Days - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Dying Fields - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dying Forest - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Dying in Silence - Gothic Metal
Dying Passion - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Alternative Rock (later)
Dying Rose - Gothic/Doom Metal
Dying Tears - Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal
Dystrophy (Deu) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Döxa - Melodic/Gothic/Death Metal
E-Lane - Progressive/Gothic Metal
E.D.O.M. - Extreme Gothic Metal
Earthen - Folk/Gothic Metal/Ambient
Eastgoth - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Ebonylake - Gothic/Avant-garde Metal
Eclipse (Bel) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ecliptic Dawn - Gothic Metal
Ecthalion - Gothic/Doom Metal
Edel - Gothic Metal
Eden in Ruins - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Eden weint im Grab - Gothic Metal
Edenial - Doom/Gothic Metal
Edenlust - Gothic Metal
Ederia - Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Eeriness - Gothic Metal
Egrimonia - Black/Gothic Metal
Eidon - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Eilera - Gothic Metal/Rock
Eisenherz - Gothic Metal
Eisheilig - Gothic Metal
El Cuervo de Poe - Gothic Metal
Elanor - Gothic, death/black metal
Elbereth (Esp) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Eleanor (Jpn) - Gothic Metal
Elegeion - Atmospheric Doom/Gothic/Black Metal
Elegy of Madness - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Elegy of Myself - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Eleidhas - Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Elevare - Gothic Metal
Elferya - Gothic Metal
Elfica - Gothic Metal
Eli - Gothic Metal
Elis - Gothic Metal
Elishia - Melodic Gothic Metal
Elizium - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ellsbeth - Gothic Metal
Ellyose - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Elmeod - Gothic Metal
Elsewhere - Gothic/Doom Metal
Elvolia - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Elysaeon - Melodic Death / Gothic / Dark Metal
Elysion - Gothic Metal
Embellish - Gothic Metal
Embers Fire - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Embers Left - Doom/Gothic Metal
Embrace - Gothic Metal
Embrace My Ruin - Gothic / Death Metal
Embraze - Gothic/Doom Metal
Embrio (Hrv) - Gothic Metal
Embryon - Gothic/Death Metal
Emorage - Gothic Metal
Emotic Coma - Melodic Gothic Metal
Emotions - Gothic/Doom Metal
Empiria - Progressive Gothic/Black Metal
Emptiness (Grc) - Gothic/Black Metal
Emptiness (Rou) - Gothic/Black Metal
Empty Book - Gothic Metal
Empty Dreams - Gothic Metal
Emyrose - Gothic Metal
En Declin - Gothic/Alternative Metal
En-Garde - Gothic Rock/Metal
Enchained Souls - Melodic Gothic Metal
Enchanted Silence - Atmospheric Dark/Gothic Metal
Enchantment (Esp) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Enchantya - Heavy/Gothic Metal
End (Deu) - Doom/Gothic Metal
End My Sorrow - Gothic Metal with Doom influences
End of Aeon - Gothic Metal
End of You - Gothic Metal
Endaemona - Gothic/Death Metal
Endless (Cze) - Gothic Metal
Endless Autumn - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Endless Endgame - Gothic Doom Metal
Endless Grief - Gothic/Dark Metal
Endless Tide - Progressive/Gothic Metal
EndlessNight - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Endtime - Gothic/Doom Metal
Endymaeria - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
Enjoy - Gothic Metal
Enmessara - Gothic Metal
Enoria - Gothic Metal
Ens Cogitans - Gothic Metal
Enslavement of Beauty - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Ensoph - Gothic Avant-garde Metal
Entalpia - Gothic Metal
Enter Twilight - Melodic Gothic Metal
Entranced - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Entropy (Nld) - Symphonic/Melodic/Gothic Metal
Entwine - Gothic Metal
Entwined (Gbr) - Gothic Metal
Entwined (Ita) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Enuma Elish - Gothic/Power Metal
Envelope - Gothic Metal
Envidhia - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Envy (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Envyra - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Eon (Mex) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Epica (Nld) - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Epifanor - Heavy Gothic Metal
Epileptica - Gothic Metal
Epitaph (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Epycenter - Melodic Gothic/Power Metal
Equinoxem - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Erben der Schöpfung - Electro/Gothic Metal
Eregion (Arg) - Neoclassical Gothic/Melodic Metal
Erotic Death - Gothic/Death Metal
Erotic Funeral (USA) - Heavy/Doom Metal with Gothic influences
Errana - Gothic Metal
Erratum - Gothic/Groove Metal
Erszebeth - Gothic Metal
Erynies - Gothic Metal
Escart - Metal/Gothic/Rock
Esenia - Melodic Gothic Metal
Eternal (Col) - Gothic/Death Metal
Eternal Cry - Gothic Metal
Eternal Darkness (Bel) - Gothic Metal
Eternal Dreams - Gothic Metal
Eternal Grieve - Death Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
Eternal Mourning (Prt) - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Eternal Oath (Sgp) - Black Metal (early), Gothic Black/Folk Metal (later)
Eternal Peace - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Eternal Saviour - Gothic Metal
Eternal Scapegoat - Gothic/Doom Metal
Eternal Shade - Gothic/Black Metal
Eternal Tears - Gothic Metal
Eternity Stands Still - Gothic Metal
Eternya - Gothic Metal
Ethereal (Irl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Ethereal (Prt) - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Ethereal Pain - Gothic Metal
Ethereal Travel (Tur) - Gothic Metal
Etherial Dawn - Gothic Black Metal
Etherna (Arg) - Gothic Metal
Etreum (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Euterpia - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Evangelium - Gothic Doom Metal
Evelyn (Pol) - Gothic/Black Metal
Even Vast - Gothic Metal
Evenfall (Ita) - Death / Gothic / Atmospheric Metal
Evenoire - Gothic/Folk Metal
Eventide (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Eventide Horizon - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Ever Since - Gothic Metal
Everasia - Gothic Metal
Everdespair - Gothic Metal
EverEve - Gothic Metal
Everfrozen - Gothic/Doom Metal
Evergaze Eternity - Gothic Metal
Everwake (Deu) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Everwake (Esp) - Gothic Metal
Evictus - Doom/Gothic Metal
Evig Natt - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Evil Bards - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic Influences
Evil One - Gothic Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later)
Evil's Desire - Gothic Metal
Evil's Tears - Gothic Death/Doom Metal
Evillive (Ita) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Evince Ethos - Gothic Metal
Evocation (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Evodia - Gothic/Black Metal
Evoke Thy Lords - Gothic/Doom Metal
Evolucija - Gothic Metal
Ewigheim - Gothic Metal
Ex Animo - Doom Metal (early), Gothic (later)
Ex Libris - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Ex-hortation - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Exaudi - Gothic/Doom Metal
Exception - Gothic Metal
Exchased - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Excubitor Noctis - Gothic Metal
Execution Chamber - Extreme Gothic Metal
Exegesis - Gothic/Dark Metal
EXoluta - Gothic Metal
Exordium (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Exordium Profanum - Gothic Metal
Exorsus - Gothic Metal
Exsecratus - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Exsecror Vecordia - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Extasy (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Extinction (Deu) - Dark/Gothic/Death Metal
Eye of Betrayer - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Eyes of Eden - Gothic Metal
Faceshift - Gothic Metal
Fade to Black - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Faded Hopes - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Faderay - Gothic Metal
Fading Bliss - Gothic/Doom Metal
Fading Serenade - Gothic Metal
Faerghail - Dark Metal, Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Faint Horizon - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Fairyscape - Gothic Metal
Fairytells - Melodic Gothic Metal
Faktorial - Gothic Metal
Fall into Oblivion - Gothic Metal
Fall of the Leafe - Melodic Death/Folk Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Fallen (Fin) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Fallen Seasons - Doom/Gothic Metal
Fallen Sentinel - Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Falling - Black/Gothic Metal
Falling Angels - Gothic/Doom Metal
Falls of Despair - Symphonic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Fanagoria - Gothic Metal
Fantôme - Gothic Metal
Far From Mind - Gothic Metal
Farmer Boys - Gothic Metal
Fateless Tears - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Fearlight - Doom/Gothic (early), Pagan/Folk Metal (later)
FearOfHatred - Gothic Industrial Death Metal
Fearwell - Gothic/Doom Metal
FeedForward - Progressive/Gothic Metal/Rock
Fermata - Heavy / Power / Progressive Metal with Gothic influences
Fields of Jena - Gothic/Dark Metal
Fields of Sorrow - Gothic/Doom Metal
Fiend (Rus) - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Filthy Teens - Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Filtro Medusa - Gothic Metal
Final Stand - Heavy/Gothic Metal/Neofolk
Fiori di Piombo - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Five Sided Room - Progressive/Gothic/Power Metal
Fleshtone - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Fligiton - Gothic Metal
Flood of Dissonance - Gothic/Funeral Doom Metal
Flor Nocturna - Gothic/Doom Metal
Flowers in Dark - Dark/Gothic Metal
Flowing Crimson - Gothic/Doom Metal
Flowing Tears - Gothic Metal
Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - Gothic Metal
Fog (USA) - Death/Gothic Metal
Follower - Doom/Gothic Metal
For Everness - Melodic/Gothic Metal
For My Pain... - Gothic Metal
Forbidden Site - Black/Gothic Metal
Foreshadow (Prt) - Doom/Gothic/Heavy Metal
Foreshadowing - Gothic Metal
Forest Stream - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
Forever Autumn (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Forever Dusk - Gothic/Black Metal
Forever Embraced - Black/Gothic
Forever Slave - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Forever Sleep - Black/Gothic Metal
Forever Winter (Fin) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal (early), Heavy Metal (later)
Forgive-Me-Not - Gothic Metal
Forgotten Hope - Death/Gothic Metal
Forgotten Lore - Gothic Black Metal
Forgotten Melancholy - Gothic/Doom Metal
Forgotten Souls - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Formørkelse - Atmospheric Black Metal with Gothic Influences
Forsaken Migrator - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Fortaleza (Mex) - Gothic/Power Metal
Fortress of Faith - Gothic Metal
Fountain of Tears - Progressive Gothic Metal
Four Bitches - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Fractal - Gothic Metal
Fractalia - Gothic Metal
Fragile Hollow - Gothic Metal
Fragment of Euthanasia - Gothic Metal
Freak13 - Gothic Metal
Free Fall - Doom/Gothic Metal
Frivolous Stir - Extreme Gothic Metal
From Ashes (Fin) - Blackened Gothic/Doom Metal
From the Waters of Lake - Gothic Death Metal
Frostburn - Gothic Metal
Frown - Gothic Metal
Frozen Abyss - Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Caress - Ambient/Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Dusk - Gothic Metal
Frozen Mist - Gothic Metal (2004-2006), Dark Melodic Metal (2006-2010), Pagan Black Metal (2010-)
Frozen Rhapsody - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Frozen Tears (Chl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Tears (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Frozen Time (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Fruit Tree - Gothic Metal
Full Moon Addiction - Doom/Gothic Metal
Fullmoon (Rus) - Gothic Metal
FullMoon's Insignia - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
FullMoonChild - Gothic Metal
Funeral (Fin) - Death/Gothic Metal
Funeral (Nor) - Funeral Doom/Death, Gothic/Doom Metal
Funeral of the Sun - Blackened Gothic/Doom Metal
Fusion of Souls - Gothic Metal
Fusnota - Gothic Metal
Gaia (Kor) - Gothic/Folk Metal
Gaias Pendulum - Gothic Metal
Galahad (Fra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Gallery of Dreams - Gothic Doom Metal
Gallery of Lore - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Gallows Eve - Extreme Gothic Metal
Gallows Hill - Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Galvanic - Atmospheric Industrial/Gothic Metal
Gandillion - Symphonic/Progressive Gothic Metal/Rock
Garden of Autumn - Gothic/Doom Metal
Garden of Eden (Hun) - Gothic Metal
Gardeniathan - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Gardens of Cry - Gothic Metal
Gardens of Gehenna - Gothic/Doom/Death/Industrial Metal
Garland - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Gate (Can) - Gothic Metal
Gate of Sorrow - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Gates of Dawn (Deu) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Gates of Eden - Gothic Metal with Middle Eastern influences
Gathering of Destiny - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ge-Hinnom - Black/Gothic Metal
Gelap - Progressive Gothic Metal
Gerhana Total - Black/Gothic Metal
Getsemani - Gothic Metal
Ghost Orgy - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ghostnail - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Giants' Dance - Gothic Metal
Giltine's Gintaras - Folk/Gothic Metal
Gladius Noctis - Progressive Neoclassical Gothic Metal
Gladness - Gothic Metal
Gloom (Svk) - Gothic Metal
Gnais - Gothic/Doom Metal
Goatron - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Godiva (Prt) - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Godless (Idn) - Black/Gothic Metal
Godless Beauty - Black/Gothic Metal
Gods' Sin - Gothic/Doom Metal
Godyva - Gothic Metal
Gog Magog - Gothic Metal
Golden Dawn - Extreme Gothic Metal
Gondho Mayit - Gothic/Black Metal
Gone Sadness - Doom/Death, Gothic Metal
Gore's Romance - Gothic/Black Metal
Goresleeps - Gothic Metal
Gorlab - Progressive Gothic Metal
Gorthall - Gothic Metal
Gostwind - Heavy/Gothic/Folk Metal
Goth Romance - Melodic Gothic Metal (early), Rock/Metal (later)
Gothic (Rou) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Gothic Sky - Gothic/Black Metal
Gracefallen - Dark/Gothic Metal
Grand Failure - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Grandmother Is Dead - Experimental Doom/Gothic Metal
Grave Flowers - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Graven (Rou) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Graveworm (Ita) - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Graviora Manent - Death/Thrash/Doom Metal (early) - Gothic Metal (later)
Grayscale - Gothic Metal
Greedy Invalid - Gothic Metal
Green Carnation - Gothic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Green Division - Gothic/dark Metal
Grey November - Funeral Doom Metal/Gothic/Darkwave
Greyswan - Dark / Gothic Metal
Grief's Exquisite Veil - Gothic/Doom Metal
Griffin L.O.G. - Gothic Metal
Grimegod - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Grimfaith - Gothic/Doom Metal
Grinning Shadows - Gothic/Black Metal
Ground Zero (Ita) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Groundswell - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Gruff - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic influence
Gruzom - Gothic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Grämlich - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Grøde - Gothic Metal
Guaho - Gothic Metal
Guardinals - Gothic Metal
Gyöngyvér - Dark Rock (early), Gothic Metal (later)
H24 - Gothic/Avant-garde Metal
Hada De Beng - Gothic Metal
Hagall (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Halach - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Halflife - Gothic Metal
Hallows End - Gothic Metal
Halls of Mandos - Gothic/Black Metal
Halo of Thorns - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Hand of God (Grc) - Gothic Metal
Hanging Doll - Melodic/Dark/Gothic Metal
Hanging Garden (Fin) - Death/Gothic Metal with Doom Influences
Hanom - Gothic Black Metal
Háras - Gothic Metal
Haria - Gothic Metal
Hate's Symphonies - Gothic Metal
Haunting Chants - Gothic Metal
Haunting Eden - Gothic Metal
Havayoth - Gothic Metal
Haven (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Haven Denied - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Haxema - Gothic Metal
Hazael - Death Metal (early), Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
HDK - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Heaven Grey - Gothic / Doom Metal
Heavenless - Gothic Metal/Rock
Heavenlust - Gothic Metal
Heavenly Bride - Power Metal (early), Symphonic Gothic Metal (later)
Heavenside - Gothic Metal
Heavenwood - Gothic Metal
Hefeystos - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Avant-garde Rock (later)
Helevorn - Doom/Gothic Metal
Hellblazer (Tur) - Gothic Metal
Hellimunan - Depressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Hellzigurath - Gothic Metal
Hemacy - Gothic Metal
Hemera - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Hemifonia - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Her Warm Blood - Gothic/Doom Metal
Heralder - Epic/Gothic Metal
Hereafter (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Herjalf - Viking/Doom/Gothic Metal
Herlathing - Gothic/Dark Metal
Hermh - Black/Gothic/Atmospheric Metal (early), Symphonic Black Metal (later)
Hermit Age - Death / Doom / Gothic Metal
Hexenhammer (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Hidden in Eternity - Symphonic Doom/Gothic/Black Metal
Hiholl - Gothic/Doom Metal
Hills and Black Woods - Doom/Gothic Metal
Hills of Eternity - Gothic/Doom Metal
Hiraedd - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
Hixi - Gothic Black Metal
Hodah - Gothic Doom Metal
Hollow Scorn - Doom/Gothic Metal
Holy Cross (Bra) - Heavy/Gothic Metal (early), Epic/Neo-classical Metal (now)
Holy Guardian Angel - Gothic Metal
Homoferus - Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal
Hora Suprema - Doom/Gothic Metal
Horrida - Gothic Metal
Horus (Hnd) - Dark/Gothic Metal
Hostile Calm - Gothic Metal
Hovercraft - Doom/Gothic Metal
How Like a Winter - Gothic/Doom Metal
Howling Syn - Gothic Metal with Medieval Influences
HSK - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Human Eve - Progressive Gothic Metal
Hunting Cross - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Hydria - Gothic Metal
Hydrogen - Thrash Metal with Hardcore and Doom/Gothic influences
Hyena (Grc) - Symphonic Folk/Gothic Metal
Hypnotic Waltz - Gothic Metal
Häxan (Arg) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
I Miss My Death - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
I'mmortal - Gothic/Doom Metal
Ibid Hagnoi - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Iblis Levanah - Progressive Gothic Metal
Ice Edges - Power/Gothic Metal
Ice Queen - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Iced Warm - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Icon (Ita) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Iconoclast (Phl) - Gothic Doom Metal
Ictus Mortis - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Ideas - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Idillicah - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Idyll ov Ghosts - Gothic Metal/Rock
Ifyouarealone - Gothic Doom Metal
Ignis Æterni - Black/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Igzorn - Gothic Metal
Ikarian - Gothic Doom Metal
Illuminandi - Gothic Metal
Illuminata - Melodic Power/Gothic Metal
Illusions (Mex) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Iluminato - Gothic Metal
Immaconcept - Doom/Death Metal, Gothic Metal
Immortal Angelica - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Immortal Slave - Gothic Metal
Immortalis Machina - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Imperia - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Imperial (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Impromtus Ad Mortem - Gothic Metal
In Art - Gothic metal
In Dementia - Gothic/Death Metal
In Eternum (Arg) - Gothic/Doom Metal
In Grey - Gothic/Doom Metal
In Heaven (Grc) - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
In Human Memories - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
In Loving Memory (Idn) - Gothic/Doom Metal
In Memoriam (Idn) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
In Morpheus' Arms - Gothic/Progressive Metal
In Mourning - Gothic Metal (early), Progressive Melodic Death Metal (later)
In Peccatum - Heavy/Progressive, Doom/Gothic Metal
In Perpetuum - Gothic Metal
In Silentio Noctis - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
In Tears Bereaved - Melodic Death Metal with Thrash/Gothic Influences
In Tenebra - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
In the Colonnades - Gothic Rock/Heavy Metal (early) Death 'n' Roll (later)
In the Image Of - Progressive/Gothic/Doom Metal
In the Mist (Swe) - Gothic Metal/Rock
In This Pain - Gothic Metal
In Viro - Industrial Gothic Metal
In.verno - Progressive Gothic Metal
Incarceri 9 - Doom/Gothic Metal
Incassum - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Incendium (Fin) - Melodic Death Metal (early), Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal (later)
Incerse - Black/Gothic Metal
Incoming - Death/Gothic/Mallcore
Incoming Chaos - Gothic Metal
Indian Fall - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal (early), Atmospheric Death/Black Metal (later)
Indicium - Melodic Death/Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Thrash/Heavy Metal (now)
Indigo Child - Gothic Metal
Indrâzor - Atmospheric Black/Death Metal (early), Progressive/Gothic Rock (later)
Inertia (Esp) - Gothic/Death Metal
Inferialis - Gothic/Doom Metal
Infernalis Auditorium - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Inferno (Ukr) - Thrash Metal (1994-1996), Gothic/Black Metal (1996-2000), Gothic Metal (2000-)
Infernorama - Heavy/Progressive/Gothic Metal
Infestus (Ven) - Gothic Metal
Infinite Dawn (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Infinite Winter - Gothic Metal
Inflammatory (Deu) - Gothic Death Metal
Inhepsie - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Inherself - Doom/Gothic Metal
Inhuman (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Inmortal - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Inner Fear (Cze) - Extreme Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Inner Sanctum (Deu) - Gothic/Dark Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Inner Shrine - Gothic Metal
Innerbeauty - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Innertheatre - Melodic Gothic Metal
Innocens - Gothic Metal
InScape - Gothic Metal
Insert Remedy - Gothic/Melodic/Alternative Metal
Inside (Ita) - Progressive Death/Gothic Metal
Inside You - Doom/Gothic Metal
Instantia Mortum - Gothic Black/Doom Death
Interitus (Rou) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Interitus Dei (Rou) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Into the Void (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Invading Chapel - Gothic/Dark Metal
InVersus (Ukr) - Gothic Metal
Iquista Fíriel - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Irij - Folk Doom Metal/Gothic Metal
Irrlicht (Aut) - Black/Gothic Metal
Isilma - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Isiphilon - Gothic Metal
Ismini - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Ius Primae Noctis - Gothic Metal/Rock
Ivana d'Arc - Power Metal with Symphonic/Gothic Influences
Izmair - Gothic Metal
J.T.R. Sickert - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Jack's Family - Progressive Power/Gothic Metal
Jadallys - Gothic Metal
Jangli Jaggas - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Jenesais Quoi - Gothic Metal
Jennie Tebler - Gothic Metal
Jennie Tebler's Out of Oblivion - Gothic Metal
Jerémie - Gothic Metal
Jezebel Bang - Gothic/Heavy Metal
John Dee - Heavy/Gothic/Power Metal
Joint Depression - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Juliens - Gothic Metal
Justified - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Kabul - Melodic Death/Thrash with Gothic influences
Kaiser (Che) - Gothic Metal
Kalögena - Death/Thrash Metal wih Gothic influences (early), Thrash Metal/Punk (later)
Kamar Mayat - Gothic/Black Metal
Kamilla - Gothic Metal/Rock
Karbonsoul - Gothic Metal
Karcinoma - Gothic/Power Metal
Karelia - Symphonic Heavy/Power Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial Metal (later)
Karma (Prt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Karmic Link - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Katanga - Gothic Metal
Katharsis (Deu) - Progressive Dark/Gothic Metal
Kathastrophobia - Doom/Gothic Metal
Katma Kin - Black/Gothic Metal
Katra - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Kayzen - Epic Gothic Metal
Kedaton - Gothic Metal
Keen (Ita) - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Kefren - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Keltgar - Gothic / Death / Doom Metal
Kembang Kuburan - Gothic Metal
Kemet - Doom/Gothic Metal
Kemper - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Kerin Amroth - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
    Kerix - Gothic Metal
Kesurupan - Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
KeyDragon - Epic Gothic Metal
Keys of the Light - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Khael - Gothic Metal
Khaliyeh - Gothic Metal
Khasm - Gothic/Black Metal/Traditional Heavy Metal
Khianat - Gothic Metal
Killers by Trade - Gothic Metal with Punk influences
Killset - Gothic/Thrash/Groove Metal
Kingfisher Sky - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Klinika (Ukr) - Gothic Metal
KLV - Experimental/Gothic Rock/Doom/Black Metal/Noisecore
Kokumaromilk - Experimental Gothic/Power Metal
Kokuyasou - Gothic/Power Metal
Koma (Rus) - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Korigans - Gothic/Symphonic Power Metal
Korvus - Gothic/Black Metal
Kowai - Gothic Metal
Kratos (Rou) - Gothic Metal
Krepuskule - Dark/Gothic Metal
Krestenta - Gothic Metal
Krypteria - Gothic/Power Metal
Krystal Dust - Power/Gothic Metal
Kundalini - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Kyla Moyl - Gothic Metal
Kynesis - Gothic Metal (early), Post-Metal (later)
Kyrie Eleison (Chl) - Doom/Gothic Metal
L'Endeví - Gothic Metal
La Chambre Ardente - 'Black'/Gothic Metal
La Setta - Gothic/Doom Metal
La-Ventura - Gothic Metal
Labyrinthus Noctis - Gothic/Doom Metal
Lachaise - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Lachrimae - Gothic Metal
LackadAisical - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Lacrima (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lacrimae Obscurum - Gothic/Black Metal
Lacrimas Profundere - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Lacryma Christi - Black/Gothic Metal
Lacrymae (Prt) - Heavy/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lacuna Coil - Gothic Metal/Rock (early), Alternative Rock (later)
Lacus Mortis (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Lady Sadness - Gothic Metal
Lady Winter - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lago Gris - Gothic Metal
Lagrimas Negras - Gothic Metal
Lahmia - Thrash/Death/Gothic Metal
Lahylat - Gothic Metal
Lake of Tears (Swe) - Progressive/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lake of Tears (Ven) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Lamentglace - Gothic Metal
Laments of Silence - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Lamia Tenebrae - Gothic Metal
Land of Charon - Gothic Dark/Death Metal
Land of Frost - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Landing - Gothic Metal
Lands of Past - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Landscape of Souls - Gothic Metal
Lanewin - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Langret - Gothic/Black Metal
Lashing Ether - Gothic Metal/Doom Rock
Last Majesty - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Last Minute - Gothic Metal
Last Restraint - Atmospheric Death/Gothic Metal
Lateless - Gothic Metal
Latemheim - Gothic Metal
Latterday Saints - Gothic Metal
Laudany - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Layment - Gothic Metal
Le Cri du Mort - Gothic Metal
Leaves - Gothic Doom/Death (early), Gothic Metal/Rock (later)
Leaves of Lothlorien - Gothic/Black Metal
Leaves' Eyes - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Lebenssteuer - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Lebewohl - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Legacy of Past - Gothic Metal
Legenda (Fin) - Dark/Gothic Metal
Leguano - Heavy Metal with Gothic influence
Leichenbrand - Experimental Gothic/Black Metal
Leicohtica - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Leiden - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Lemenya - Gothic Metal
LeonÄvicario - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Les Ténèbres - Gothic/Doom Metal
Let It Flow - Gothic/Doom Metal
Let Me Dream - Gothic/Doom Metal
LethalBlow - Gothic/Black Metal
Levania - Gothic Metal
Leviathan (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Leviathane - Melodic Gothic Metal
Lexall - Ambient/Black/Gothic Metal
Liūnuosna - Gothic Metal
Liatris - Gothic Metal/Progressive Metal
Lied D'Anima - Gothic Metal
Lies Are All You Have - Atmospheric/Industrial Gothic Doom
Life After Death (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Lifewood - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Lightless Moor - Gothic/Doom Metal
Like a Gossamer - Gothic/Doom Metal
Lilith (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lilith (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lilith's Child - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Lilitu - Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later)
Liminal - Melodic/Progressive Death/Gothic Metal
Liquid Fever - Gothic Metal
Liquid Sky - Gothic/Dark Metal
Litia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Little Dead Bertha - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Symphonic Melodic Death/Black Metal (now)
Liturgy of Decay - Gothic Metal
Liv Kristine - Folk/Gothic, Gothic Rock
Liveevil - Electronic/Gothic Metal
LochNess (Pol) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lonesome October - Gothic Metal
Long Gone Daddies - Gothic Metal
Longed for Fusion - Dark/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lord Kol - Doom/Gothic Metal
Lord Vampyr - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Gothic Metal (later)
Lords of the Manor - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
LordSphere - Progressive Gothic Metal
Lorien (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Lost Dreams in Fear - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lost Effect - Gothic Metal
Lost Emotions - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Lost in Dreams - Gothic Metal
Lost in Madness - Power/Gothic Metal
Lost in Tears - Gothic Metal
Lost in Twilight - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Lost Infinity - Gothic/Black Metal
Lost Soul (USA) - Gothic Metal
Love After - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Love Lies Eternal - Gothic/Doom Metal
Love's Labour's Lost - Gothic Metal
Lovelorn (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Lucian Scott - Gothic/Death Metal
LucyFire - Gothic Metal/Rock
Lugosi - Gothic Black Metal
Lugubria - Dark/Extreme Gothic Metal
Lullacry - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Lumina - Gothic Metal
Luminaria - Gothic Metal
Lumine Criptica - Gothic Metal
Luminus - Extreme Gothic Metal
Luna (Idn) - Gothic Black Metal
Luna Aeterna - Gothic Metal
Luna Martyr - Gothic Metal
Luna Obscura - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Lunar Gate - Atmospheric Gothic/Black Metal
Lunar Path - Gothic Metal
Lunarin - Progressive/Gothic Metal
LunarVein - Gothic Rock/Metal
Lunatenebra - Gothic/Symphonic/Progressive Metal
Lunatica - Atmospheric Melodic Gothic Metal
Lupercalia - Blackened Gothic Metal
Lurid Display - Gothic/Death Metal
Lust Embrace - Gothic Metal
Lust for Oblivion - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Lusus Naturae - Gothic/Black Metal
Lux in Tenebris - Melodic Gothic/Death Metal
Lux Incerta - Gothic/Doom Metal
Luzabril - Gothic Metal
Lvx in Tenebris - Extreme Gothic Metal
Lyrae - Progressive Gothic Metal
Macbeth (Ita) - Black/Gothic Metal
Machina Deus Ex - Gothic/Heavy/Progressive Metal
Madrigal (Swe) - Melodic Death / Gothic
Maelstrom (Ita) - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Maelström (Bra) - Progressive Gothic/Dark Metal
Magılum - Gothic Metal
Maggot Colony (Esp) - Death Metal (early), Progressive Gothic Metal (later)
Magion - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal
Magnifiqat - Gothic/Folk Metal
Majeste Simphonia - Gothic/Black Metal
Majesty of Silence - Dark Gothic Metal
Maldición (Chl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Maledetti Draconi - Gothic Metal
Maledia - Gothic Metal
Maledicta (Ita) - Alternative/Death/Gothic Metal
Malencolie - Dark / Gothic Metal
Malevolence (Prt) - Melodic Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Malice (Idn) - Gothic Black Metal
Malicious Conspiration - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Malinconia - Gothic Doom Metal
Malkuth (Hrv) - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Malmonde - Gothic death/thrash with industrial elements
Malombra - Heavy/Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal/Rock
Mandragora (Pol) - Gothic/Black Metal
Mandragora Scream - Gothic / Dark Metal
Mandrake (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Mandylion (Deu) - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Manic Movement - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Manifestium - Gothic/Death Metal
Manomomicron - Black/Gothic Metal
Manuscript - Gothic/Death Metal
Marble Arch - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Margenta - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Maria Escarlata - Gothic Metal
Markize - Gothic Metal
Marsyas - Gothic Metal
Martyrium (Bra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Mary-Ann - Gothic Metal/Rock
Masque of Innocence - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later)
Mater Deva - Gothic Metal
Matutina - Gothic Metal
Maudite Asmodée - Gothic Metal
Meander - Gothic Metal
Medebor - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Meden Agan - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Medianoche - Gothic Metal/ Rock
Medieval Art - Medieval Gothic Metal
Melancholy (Pol) - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Melancholy (Rus) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Melandrolia - Progressive Doom/Dark/Gothic Metal
Melatonin - Orchestral Gothic/Progressive Metal
Melencolia - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Melliae - Gothic Metal
Mely - Gothic Metal
Memoira - Gothic Metal
Memoria (Cze) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Memoria Mortis - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Progressive Rock/Fusion (later)
Memorial (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Memorial Day - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Memorial Park - Gothic Melodic Metal
Memorium (Swe) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Mena Brinno - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Menagerie - Gothic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Mental Oppression - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Menzia - Gothic Metal
Mephisto (Cub) - Gothic/Black Metal
Mercenary (Isr) - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Mercury Eye - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Mercury Rain - Gothic/Opera Power Metal
Meridian (Aus) - Gothic Metal
Merit - Gothic Metal
Mescarbonic - Gothic Metal
Metal Acid Test - Stoner/Gothic Metal
Metamorphosis (Pol) - Doom/Gothic Metal, Black/Dark Metal
Metatron (Nld) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Mictian (Deu) - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Mid Autumn Nights - Gothic Metal
Midian (Pol) - Black/Gothic Metal
Midnattsol - Gothic/Folk Metal
Midnight Caine - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Midnight Dirge - Gothic/Doom Metal
Midnight Reign - Power/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Midnight Scream (Grc) - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
MidnightDate - Gothic Metal
Midwinter (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Millennium (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Mimesis - Gothic Metal
Mind Blast - Doom/Gothic Metal
Mindfield (Deu) - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Mindrape - Black/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Mindshade - Gothic Metal
Minimal Essence - Gothic Metal
Mirror's End - Folk/Gothic Metal/Rock
Mirrored in Secrecy - Gothic Metal
Mirzadeh - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Misera Venus - Gothic/Doom Metal
Misericordia (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Misericordia (Ita) - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Mishere - Gothic Rock/Metal
Misleading Ways - Symphonic Dark/Gothic Metal
Misterio (Ecu) - Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Misterium (Pol) - Pagan/Folk/Gothic Metal
Mistery Cold - Dark/Gothic Metal
Misticona - Gothic Metal
Mistralth - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Mistyland - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Mithril (Hun) - Gothic Metal
Mizantropia - Extreme Gothic Metal
Mjölnir (Nld) - Atmospheric Gothic/Dark Metal
Modern Funeral Art - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Moi dix Mois - Gothic Metal
Moksa - Gothic Metal
Moment After Scarlet - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Monastery (Gbr) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial Rock (later)
Monasteryum - Gothic Metal
Mondragon - Gothic/Folk Metal
Monoblock - Gothic Metal
Mons Lvnae - Black/Folk/Gothic Metal
Monumentum (Ita) - Dark / Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Moon Art - Gothic/Black Metal
Moon Halo - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Moon Lore - Ambient/Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Electronica
Moon of Gaïa - Post-Thrash/Gothic Metal
Moon Whispers - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Moondust - Gothic Metal
Moongarden - Gothic Metal
Moonlight (Arg) - Gothic/Extreme Metal
Moonlight (Pol) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Moonlight Awakening - Gothic Metal
Moonrain - Gothic Metal
Moonshine (Kor) - Melodic Black Metal (early), Extreme Gothic Metal (later)
Moonspell - Folk/Black Metal (early), Gothic / Extreme Metal (later)
Moonworshipper - Black Metal (early), Heavy/Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
Morak - Gothic/Black Metal
Morante - Gothic Metal
Moratorium (Swe) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Morbid Lust (Prt) - Thrash Metal (early) / Gothic Metal (later)
Morbydia - Gothic/Doom Metal
Mordaz (Col) - Gothic Metal
Mordeen - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Mordor (Pol) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Mordorn - Black/Gothic Metal
Morgana's Kiss - Gothic Metal
Morgenröte - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Morgenstern (Bra) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Morian - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Moriarti and the Sith - Gothic Metal
Morion (Bgr) - Gothic Metal
Morning After - Gothic Metal
Morphine Killer - Gothic Metal
Morphium - Gothic/Death Metal
Mortal Love - Gothic Metal
Mortalia - Gothic Metal
Mortalium - Doom/Gothic Metal
Mortemia - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Mortis Causa - Gothic/Black Metal
Mosh Baby - Experimental Gothic/Industrial Metal
Mother Depth - Gothic/Doom Metal
Motus Deus - Progressive Gothic Metal/Atmospheric Rock
Motus Tenebrae - Gothic/Dark Metal
Mramor - Gothic/Black Metal
Murkrat - Doom/Gothic Metal
My Black Light - Gothic Metal
My Craving - Gothic Metal with Rock influences
My Dark Mind - Gothic/Doom Metal
My Darkest Time - Doom/Gothic Metal
My Dawn - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
My Deception - Gothic Metal
My Dying Bride - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
My Edelweiss - Gothic Metal
My Forgotten God - Gothic/Doom Metal
My Funeralmarch - Gothic/Doom Metal
My Inner Burning - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
My Insanity - Gothic Metal
My Life's Despair - Atmospheric Doom/Gothic Metal
My River - Doom/Gothic Metal
My Severance - Gothic Metal
My Shadow - Doom/Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later)
My Silent Wake - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
My Sixth Shadow - Gothic Metal
My Sweet Torment - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
My Thrusting Crown - Black/Gothic/Doom Metal
My Tide - Gothic/Doom Metal
Myraeth - Doom/Gothic Metal
Myrah - Gothic Metal
Myriads - Blackened Gothic Metal
Mysteria (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Mysterian - Gothic/Ambient/Neoclassical Metal
Mysterium (Prt) - Gothic/Doom/Heavy Metal
Mystherium - Gothic Black Metal
Mystical (Fra) - Gothic/Death Metal
Mystika - Gothic Metal
Mythica - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Mythus - Death/Gothic Metal (early), Medieval Gothic Metal (later)
N.A.O.S. - Atmospheric/Gothic/Darkwave
Nadir (Esp) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nadir (Grc) - Gothic Metal
Nameless One - Power Metal with Gothic and Doom influences
Naos - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Nargathrond - Ambient/Black Metal (early) - Gothic Metal (later)
Nasson - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock with Gothic Influences
Nataly Kruger - Gothic Metal
Natha - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Native FX - Electronic Gothic/Death Metal/Rock
Natt (Nor) - Gothic Metal
Nattaravnur - Dark/Gothic Metal
Nattvind - Melodic Gothic Metal
Naturaleza Muerta - Gothic Metal
Naturemorte - Gothic Metal
Naven - Doom/Gothic Metal
Near Dark (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Necroberus - Gothic Metal
Necromance (Deu) - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial Metal (later)
Necrosist - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal
Neferion - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Nefilim - Industrial Death/Gothic Metal
Nehyam - Gothic/'Black' Metal
Nemain - Gothic Black Metal/Darkwave
Nemesea - Symphonic Gothic Metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Nemesis (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
neNasty - Dark Doom/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Nenia (Ita) - Gothic/Doom Metal (early), Dark Ambient (later)
Neolithic - Doom Metal (early) - Progressive Gothic Metal (later)
Neon Dream - Gothic Metal
Nephilim (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Nereïde - Gothic Metal
Neronoia - Dark Ambient/Gothic Metal
Nessun Dorma - Power/Gothic Metal
Nessun Dorma - Gothic Metal
Neurasthenie - Death / Black Metal with Gothic influences
Neurothymia - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Never Comes Silence - Gothic Metal
Never Ending Beauty - Gothic Metal
NeverDie (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nevergreen - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nevetherym - Progressive Gothic/Doom Metal
New Dawn Foundation - Melodic Gothic Metal
New Order of Messiah - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nex Aestatis - Doom/Gothic Metal with Folk/Classical elements
Nezgaroth - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nicht - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nicodemus - Progressive / Gothic Metal
Nifelheim (Pol) - Gothic/Folk Metal
Nightblood - Gothic Metal
Nightfall (Grc) - Black/Gothic Metal
Nightfane - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Nightfliers - Gothic Metal
Nightflower (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Nightlight - Gothic Metal
Nightshade (USA) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Nightsky Bequest - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nigrante - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Niobeth - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Nion - Gothic Metal
Njangilimah - Gothic Metal
No (Fin) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
No Credits Left - Power/Gothic Metal
No Grace - Progressive Metalcore (early), Progressive Gothic Rock (later)
No Love Lost (Gbr) - Gothic Doom Metal
No Pride - Death/Gothic Metal
Noctambulath - Power/Gothic Metal
Nocternity (Idn) - Black/Gothic Metal
Noctiluca - Gothic Metal
Nocturna (Kwt) - Gothic Metal
Nocturna (Mex) - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Nocturnal (Prt) - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Nocturnal Ascent - Gothic Metal
Nocturnal Divinity - Gothic Metal
Nocturnal Dominium - Gothic/Dark Doom Metal
Nocturnal Opera - Gothic/Black Metal
Nocturnal Supremacy (Pol) - Gothic/Death Metal
Nocturnea - Gothic Metal
NoDrama - Gothic Metal
Noesis (Esp) - Industrial/Gothic Metal
Nome - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Non Mortis - Gothic Metal
Nordavind (Rus) - Gothic Metal
Norma Jeanne - Death/Gothic Metal
Nosdrama - Dark/Gothic Metal
Nosferatis - Gothic/Death Metal
Nosgoth (Aut) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Nostra Morte - Gothic Metal
Nostromo (Pol) - Progressive Doom/Gothic Metal
Nota Profana - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Notrash - Gothic Metal
Notre Dame - Avant-Garde Gothic Metal
Noturna - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Nova Orbis - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Novalis - Gothic Metal/Rock
Novel Feeling - Symphonic Doom/Gothic Metal
November Aria - Gothic Metal
November Dreams - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
November-7 - Gothic Metal
Novembre - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Nox Mortis - Avant-Garde Gothic/Doom Metal
Noxiferis - Progressive Gothic Metal
Noxius - Power/Gothic Metal
Noxius Corp. - Gothic/Death Metal
Nucturnia - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Nuits Eternelles - Gothic/Doom Metal
Nyctanthous - Doom/Gothic Metal
Nympha (Svk) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Obdurate Seduction - Gothic Metal with Thrash parts
Obitel - Gothic/Doom Metal
Oblivion Circle - Gothic Metal
Obscura Religio - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Obscuration (Fra) - Gothic/Black Metal
Obscurity (Prt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Obsession (Fin) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Obsidia - Gothic Metal
Obsidian Shell - Gothic Metal
Ocanthus - Gothic Melodic / Doom Metal
Occultation - Gothic Metal/Ambient
Ocean of Sorrow - Gothic Doom/Black Metal
Oceana - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Oceans of Sadness - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Octavia - Gothic Metal
Octavia Sperati - Gothic Metal with Doom influences
Odd Goo - Atmospheric Gothic/Death Metal
Ode Odium - Gothic Metal
Ode of Eternity - Gothic Metal
Odes of Ecstasy - Symphonic Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Odium (Pol) - Progressive Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Of Darksome Origin - Death Metal with Black/Gothic elements
Of Infinity - Gothic Metal
Of Your Funeral - Gothic Metal
Offense - Doom/Death Metal, Gothic Metal/Rock (Absence)
Offertorium (Mda) - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Okrozom - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Oktagon - Gothic Metal
Olemus - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Ominous Grief - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Ominous Silence - Gothic/Doom Metal
Ommatidia - Gothic Metal
Omni Mortuus - Black/Dark/Gothic Metal
On the Edge of the NetherRealm - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
On Thorns I Lay - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal (mid), Hard Rock (later)
Once There Was - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Once Was Silence - Gothic/Avant-garde Metal (early), Avant-garde/Death/Noise (later)
Onderah - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
One More Day - Gothic Metal
One Without - Gothic Metal
Oniria - Gothic Metal
Onyx Eyes - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Opalessence - Gothic Metal
Opãq - Progressive/Experimental/Gothic Metal
Opened Paradise - Atmospheric Gothic Rock/Metal
Opera IX - Gothic Metal (early), Black Metal (now)
Opereth Sin - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Ophelia's Nightmare - Gothic Metal
Ophidyan - Gothic Metal
Opticollide - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Opus Symphonia - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Ora Pro Nobis (Ven) - Gothic Metal
Oracle (Idn) - Industrial Metal/Rock (early) Thrash/Gothic Metal (later)
Oratorio (Ukr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Oremuz - Atmospheric / Dark Gothic Metal
Orestea - Melodic Gothic Metal
Orient Ende - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Originy - Gothic Power Metal
Orkum Morari - Gothic Metal/Rock
Orphanage - Death/Gothic Metal
Orphonic Orchestra - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal (early), Classical/Orchestral Rock/Metal (later)
Oscuriam - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Osian - Heavy/Thrash Metal (early), Dark/Gothic/Mallcore (later)
Osiris (Aut) - Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Otila - Gothic Metal / Rock
Ottar - Gothic Metal
Our Diabolical Embrace - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Over My Grave - Gothic Metal
Overflash - Death Metal (early), EBM-Gothic Metal (later)
Overmeind - Gothic Metal
Overpast - Gothic/Industrial/Doom Metal
Overture (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Pain Control - Modern Metal with gothic and industrial elements
Painful Life - Gothic Metal
Painted Black - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pale (Che) - Gothic/Folk Metal
Palpatine Rising - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pannychida - Gothic/Death Metal
Parade of Souls - Black Metal (early), Gothic (later)
Paradise Lost - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later)
Paragon of Beauty - Gothic/Doom Metal
Parahelia - Gothic/Doom/Folk Metal
Passion for Sorrow - Gothic/Death Metal
Past the Line - Gothic Metal
Patunum - Gothic Metal
Paulzeder - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Pechal' - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pendosa - Gothic/Black Metal
Penumbra (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Perdition (Nor) - Gothic Metal
Perfidia - Gothic/Death Metal
Pergana - Gothic Metal
Periadam - Gothic Metal
Perpetual Dilemma - Gothic Metal
Perpetual Remanent - Gothic Metal
Perpetuate - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Persecution (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Pétal - Gothic/Dark Metal
Pettalom - Gothic Metal
Phackner - Gothic metal (early), Gothic Rock (later)
Phallax - Power/Gothic Metal
Phobos Corporation - Gothic Metal
Pik - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Pilgrim (Ita) - Death Metal, Gothic Metal
Pillars of Eternity - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Pipers Dawn - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Plague Project - Gothic Metal
Plenilunio - Doom/Gothic Metal
Poète Maudit - Post-Punk/Gothic Rock, Black/Thrash Metal
Poena Dare - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Poetry - Doom/Gothic Metal
Poisonblack - Gothic Metal
Polynove Pole - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Posithrone - Melodic Doom/Dark/Gothic Metal
Potra - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Praetorian Platoon - Gothic Metal
Preludium (Cze) - Gothic Metal
Prey (Nld) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Priestess (Deu) - Gothic/Power Metal
Primanocta - Gothic/Black Metal
Proclivity Gloom - Gothic Metal
Profanes - Progressive Gothic/Folk Metal
Profound (Che) - Gothic Metal
Projekt K8 - Gothic Metal/Rock
Promises - Gothic/Power Metal
Prophecy (Can) - Gothic Metal
Prophecy (Prt) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Prophet (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Prosthetic Orchestra - Industrial Gothic Rock (early), Industrial Doom, Death Metal (later)
Prosvetlenie - Gothic Metal
Puertas Negras - Black/Gothic Metal
Puk - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Pulasara - Gothic Metal
Pulse of Dawn - Doom/Gothic Metal
Punishment (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Pyramidium - Gothic Metal
Pythia - Power/Gothic Metal
Querimonia - Black Metal, Viking Metal, Gothic/Doom Metal
Quietus (Isr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Quintessence of Flesh - Gothic Metal
R.D.S.K. - Symphonic Gothic Metal
R.E.T. - Doom/Gothic Metal
RA (Rou) - Gothic Metal/Darkwave
RacheEngel - Gothic/Folk Metal
Racodia - Heavy/Gothic/Folk Metal
Rage Darkness - Gothic/Death Metal
Rageflower - Thrash/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later)
Ragnaröek - Folk/Gothic Metal
Rahowa (Can) - Gothic Metal
Rain Novelty - Gothic/Doom Metal
Rain Paint - Gothic Metal
Rainbird - Gothic/Doom Metal
Raincarnation - Gothic / Doom Metal
Rainfall (Ita) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Rainshadow - Gothic Metal
Ram-Zet - Avant-garde Black / Gothic Metal
Ramzes - Gothic Metal
Random Plan - Gothic Metal
RandomWalk - Gothic Metal/Metalcore
Rangda - Black/Gothic Metal
Raven Soul - Gothic Metal
Raven Tide - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
RavenClaws - Gothic/Death Metal
Ravenland - Gothic Metal
Ravenville - Gothic Metal
Raw (Aut) - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
RawkFist - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Reactive Black - Gothic Metal/Rock
Realms and Evolution - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Rebirth (Ita) - Gothic Metal
Reborn Z - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Red Queen Theory - Gothic Metal/Rock
Redemption Unnamed - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Redstains - Gothic Metal
Reel Fiction - Heavy Metal (early) - Crossover/Gothic Metal (later)
Reflexion - Gothic Metal/Modern Hard Rock
Refugium 1 - Gothic Metal
Regardless of Me - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Regicide (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Regnum Irae (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Relikvia - Dark/Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Remember - Gothic Metal
Remembrances - Gothic Metal
Renascence - Gothic/Death Metal
Requiem (Mex) - Gothic Metal
Requiem (Prt) - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Requiem (Rus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Requiem (Swe) - Electro/Industrial/Gothic Metal
Requiem of the Damned - Gothic Metal
Resonance Room - Progressive/Doom/Gothic Metal
Restart - Gothic Metal
Restless (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Return to Exile - Melodic/Gothic Metal
ReVamp - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Rhetorical - Doom/Gothic Metal
Rhevan - Gothic Metal
Rhudra - Melodic Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Rhyme of Tears - Gothic Metal
Rigor Mortis (Deu) - Death/Black Metal / Gothic Metal(first)
Riot's Eve - Gothic Metal
Rising Winter - Gothic Metal/Neofolk
Risus21 - Progressive/Gothic Metal/Rock
Ritual for Majesty - Gothic Metal
Ritual of Odds - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Rixiler - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Road to Consciousness - Progressive/Gothic Metal/Rock
Romance Curse - Symphonic/Orchestral Gothic Metal
Romanticide - Gothic Metal
Rorschach - Dark/Gothic Metal
Rosa Ígnea - Gothic Metal
Rosa Nocturna - Gothic Metal
Rosa Noctürna - Gothic Metal
Rosenguard - Black/Gothic Metal
Rotting Christ - Grindcore (early), Black Metal (mid), Black / Gothic Metal (later)
Roughly Violent - Gothic Metal
Royal Anguish - Death/Gothic Metal
Rusted (Ita) - Epic Gothic/Black Metal
Ruthless Art - Gothic Metal
S.C.A.L.P. - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
S.I.T.E. - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Sabachthani - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sabaium - Gothic Metal/Death Metal
Sabaoth (Pry) - Gothic/Black Metal
Sacrifire (Fin) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Sacriversum - Death/Thrash Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Sacrosanctum - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sad Harmony - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sad Siberia - Dark/Gothic Metal
Sadauk - Gothic/Death Metal
SadDolls - Gothic Metal
Sadhara - Black/Death/Thrash/Gothic Metal
Sadis - Gothic/Black Metal
Sadness - Doom/Death Metal (early) - Gothic/Doom Metal (later)
Saduced - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Saga (Rou) - Gothic/Black Metal
Sahara Dust - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
Saint of Fear and Rage - Black/Gothic Metal
Salem (Isr) - Death/Gothic/Doom Metal
Salem Fires - Gothic Metal
Salman Teloch - Symphonic Progressive Black/Gothic Metal
Saltanat - Gothic Metal
Saltatio Mortis - Folk/Epic/Gothic Metal
Salvation (Isr) - Gothic Metal
Salvia - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Samael Tears - Gothic/Black Metal
Samhain (Rus) - Gothic/Doom/Power Metal
Sammsara - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Samsas Traum - Gothic/Avant-garde Black Metal (early), Neoclassical/Darkwave/Gothic Metal (later)
Sanctimonium - Gothic Metal
Sanctorium - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Sangue Demonio - Gothic Metal
Sanity Obscure (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Santa Sangre - Death/Thrash, Doom/Gothic Metal
Saprophytes - Gothic Metal
Saracens - Gothic/Symphonic/Death Metal
Sarah Jezebel Deva - Symphonic Gothic Metal
SaraLee - Gothic Metal
Sarcasm (Ukr) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sarcastic (Prt) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Sarg Discounter - Melodic Gothic Metal
Sariola - Gothic/Black Metal
Sarx Thanatos - Doom/Gothic Metal
Sata - Gothic/Death Metal/Grind
Satan's Soldiers - Black/Extreme Gothic Metal
Satanic Syndrome - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Satarial - Folk/Black Metal/Industrial/Gothic Rock
Sator - Gothic Metal
Sator Square - Power/Gothic Metal
Satygriall - Gothic/Power Metal
Satyrian - Gothic Metal
Satyron - Gothic Metal
Saudade - Gothic Metal
Savage Maniacs - Melodic Gothic/Heavy Metal
Saviour Machine - Gothic Metal
Scam! - Gothic/Doom Metal
Scandelion - Gothic Metal
Scar of the Sun - Gothic/Doom Metal with Death Influences
Scare Me - Gothic/Black Metal
Scarecroe - Death/Thrash/Black/Gothic Metal
ScareCrown - Gothic Metal
Scarlet Storm - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Scarlett - Gothic/Doom Metal
Schattenspieler - Gothic Metal
Schopenhauer - Avant-garde Gothic/Dark Metal
Schwarze Schönheit - Gothic/Black Metal
Scion (Deu) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Screamatorium - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Screaming Savior - Gothic Black Metal
Screaming Silence (Ukr) - Symphonic/Gothic Black Metal
Sculpture (Deu) - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Scythe of Azrael - Gothic Metal
Sea of Despair - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sea of Rains - Doom/Death/Gothic/Black Metal
Season - Gothic Metal
Season of Mourning - Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal
Season of Tears - Gothic Metal
Season's End - Gothic Metal
Secret Signs - Gothic Metal
Seduced by Suicide - Gothic / Doom Metal
See No Evil - Gothic Metal
Seelenleid - Gothic Black Metal
Seelenquell - Melodic Gothic Metal
Seelenschrei - Gothic Metal
Seigmen - Gothic Metal (early), Dark Atmospheric Rock (later)
Sekar Jagad - Gothic Black Metal
Selaterion - Gothic Metal
Sellisternium - Progressive Gothic Metal
Semblant - Gothic Metal
Sengir - Gothic Metal
Senistro - Gothic Metal
Senium (Pri) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sense of Loss - Atmospheric Gothic/Doom Metal
Sentenced - Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (mid), Gothic Metal (later)
Sentient (Nld) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sephirot (Aut) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Sephyros - Gothic Metal
Septem Voices - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Septic Miracle - Doom/Gothic Metal
Seraphim (Deu) - Doom/Death, Gothic Metal
Seraphim (Srb) - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Seraphique - Gothic Metal
Serenade in Darkness - Symphonic Gothic/Death Metal
Serenades - Death/Doom Metal with Gothic Influences
Serene Decay - Gothic Metal
Serenity (Rou) - Folk Gothic Metal
Serenity's End - Gothic Metal
Sermon (Tur) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Set to Kill - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Setanera - Gothic Metal
Setareth - Gothic Metal
Seven Dark Eyes - Gothic Metal
Seven Main Sins - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Seventh Evidence - Avant-garde Gothic/Doom Metal
Seventh Sin (Nld) - Gothic Metal
Shabash - Gothic Metal
Shade (Pol) - Progressive Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Shadembrace - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Shades of Nowhere - Gothic Metal
Shadow Gard - Gothic/Black Metal
Shadow Mask (Gbr) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Shadow of Doom - Gothic/Doom Metal
Shadow Projector - Gothic/Doom Metal
Shadowcast - Gothic Metal
Shadowdances - Doom/Atmospheric Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (late)
Shadowgarden - Gothic Metal/Rock
Shadows Dance - Gothic Metal
Shadows' Grey - Gothic Metal
Shadowsphere (Gbr) - Gothic Metal
Shadowsreign - Gothic/Black Metal
Shadowthrone (Deu) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Shakespeare in Hell - Death/Gothic Metal
Shardless - Gothic Metal/Rock
Shattered Dreams - Gothic Metal
Shellyz Raven - Gothic Metal
Shepherd of Sheol - Gothic Metal
Shield of Wings - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Shining Fear - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Shiva in Exile - Gothic/Folk/Ambient
Shivan (Ita) - Atmospheric Gothic / Black Metal
Shroud of Tears - Gothic Metal
Shtriga - Melodic Gothic Metal
Shy Malice - Death/Gothic Metal
Sicarii - Gothic/Death Metal
Sicitur Adastra - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Sideline - Gothic Metal
Sidne - Gothic Metal
Sieben Siegel - Gothic Metal
Siegfried (Aut) - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Sighisoara - Gothic Doom Metal
Signum - Doom/Gothic Metal
Silence (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Silence Enshroud - Dark/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Silent Birth - Gothic Metal
Silent Cry (Bra) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Silent Dream - Gothic Metal
Silent Eternity - Gothic Metal
Silent Grave - Gothic Metal
Silent Memories - Gothic Metal
Silent Opera (Fra) - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Silent Raven Fell - Atmospheric/Gothic Doom Metal
Silent Resentment - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Silent Tears (Svk) - Symphonic Gothic Metal/Rock
Silent Vanquish - Gothic Metal
Silentium (Fin) - Gothic Metal
SilentLie - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Silentrain - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Silluet - Gothic Black Metal
Silvercast - Gothic Metal
Silvershades - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sin After Sin - Gothic Metal
Sin and Death - Symphonic Black/Gothic Metal
Sin Driven Tide - Heavy Metal with Death/Gothic elements
Sin of Redemption - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Sin7sinS - Gothic/Dark Metal
Sin:Overflow - Gothic Metal
Sinamore - Gothic Metal
Sincerity Green - Gothic Metal
Sine Anima - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Sinister Grace - Symphonic Heavy/Gothic Metal
Sinisthra - Gothic Metal
Sinner of Sinless - Gothic Metal
Sinphonia - Progressive Gothic Metal
Sins in Vain - Gothic Metal
Sipher - Gothic/Alternative/Industrial Metal
Siren (Swe) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Sirenia - Gothic Metal
Sisthema - Thrash Metal (early), Gothic Metal / Metalcore (later)
Skeptical Minds - Gothic Metal
Skreopsis - Gothic Metal
Skull Baby - Gothic Metal
Skydancer (Esp) - Gothic/Power Metal
Skydancer (Est) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Skyed - Gothic/Doom Metal
Slave Driver - Gothic Metal
Slave of Lord - Gothic Metal
Sleep of Thetis - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Sleeping Flowers - Avant-garde Gothic/Folk Metal
Sleeping Gods - Death/Gothic Metal
Sleepy Hollow (Ukr) - Gothic/Black Metal
Snowite - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal
So Cold - Gothic Metal/Rock
Solar Spine - Progressive Rock, Gothic, Death Metal, Doom Rock/Metal
Solaris (Fra) - Gothic Metal
Sole Remedy - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Solemnus - Gothic Metal
Solifuge - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Something Beautiful - Gothic Metal
Somnifere - Death/Gothic Metal
Somnus - Black/Gothic Metal
Son et Lumiere - Black/Gothic Metal
Sonata Nocturna - Doom Gothic Heavy Metal
Sonorous Din - Folk / Medieval / Gothic Metal
Sopor - Gothic Metal
Sorg (Nor) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sorrow (Hun) - Gothic Doom/Death Metal
Sorrow Breed - Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Sorrow's End - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Sorrowfield - Gothic Metal
Sorrowful Angels - Gothic Metal
Sorrowful God - Doom, Folk, Gothic Metal
Sorrowland - Gothic Metal
Sorrows Lament - Gothic/Melodic Black/Death Metal
Sorrowseed - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Soteria - Melodic 'Black'/Gothic Metal
Soturnus - Gothic Metal (early), Death/Gothic Metal (later)
Soul Forlorn - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Soul's Chains - Gothic/Black Metal
Soulfield - Gothic Metal
Soulgrind (Fin) - Gothic/Black Metal
Soulless (Che) - Gothic Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Souls Entwined - Doom/Gothic Metal
Souls of Diotima - Progressive Gothic Metal
Soulstitia - Gothic Metal
Source of Sorrow - Power Metal (early), Melodic / Gothic Metal (later)
Spellcraft (Ita) - Gothic/Dark Metal
Spinal Shiver - Gothic/Atmospheric Death Metal
Spirit Trace - Gothic/Dark Metal
Spiritchaser - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
SpiRitual (Deu) - Folk/Gothic Metal
Spitkiss - Dark Industrial Gothic Metal
Stabitha - Gothic Metal
Staccato (Rou) - Traditional Heavy Metal (early), Gothic/Power Metal (later)
Stahlmagen - Melodic/Epic Black/Gothic Metal
Star Queen - Gothic / Power Metal
Stigmata (Swe) - Gothic/Death Metal
Stih - Gothic/Black Metal
Still it Cries - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Stillborn (Mlt) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Storm Cloud - Gothic Metal
Stormgarde - Melodic Gothic Metal/Rock
Streaks - Extreme Gothic Metal
Stronghold (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Sublevel (USA) - Melodic Gothic Metal
Succubus (Che) - Gothic Metal
Succubus (Pol) - Death Metal (early), Doom/Gothic Metal (later)
Suffer Age - Gothic/Doom Metal
Suffer in Crease - Black/Gothic Metal
Suffer in Silence (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Suffer in Silence (Grc) - Gothic/Death Metal
Suicider - Gothic Metal
Sulphor - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Summoner - Black/Gothic Metal
Sun Flower - Doom/Gothic Metal
Sun of Sadness - Gothic/Black Metal
Sun of the Blind - Black Metal with Gothic/Rock/Ambient Influences
Sundone - Gothic/Black/Death Metal
Sundown - Gothic Metal with electronic elements
Sungate - Experimental Gothic Metal
Sunset (Rus) - Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Industrial (later)
Sunseth Midnight - Gothic Metal
Sunseth Sphere - Gothic Metal
Sunterra - Gothic Metal
Sunya - Gothic Metal/Rock
Supremacy (Aus) - Heavy / Gothic / Power Metal
Suspension of Disbelieve - Progressive/Gothic Rock/Metal
Suspicious Moon - Gothic Black Metal
Suttee - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Svenia - Dark Gothic Metal
Swan Christy - Symphonic Gothic Metal (early), Electronica/Jazz/Experimental (later)
Swantears - Gothic Metal
Sweet Disease - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Sweet Infernal Noise - Gothic Metal
Sweet Mother of God - Doom/Gothic Metal
Sweet Suffering - Gothic/Doom Metal
Sylentwake - Gothic/Progressive/Atmospheric Metal/Rock
Sylph - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Sylver Myst - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Symbolic (Deu) - Gothic/Thrash Metal
Symphonia (Fra) - Gothic/Atmospheric Metal with Classical influences
Symphony Cult - Gothic Metal
Symphony of Sorrow - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Symposium (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Synoptia - Gothic Doom Metal
Synteresis - Doom/Gothic Metal
System Zero - Gothic/Doom Metal
Systema Encephale - Gothic Metal
T.H.E. Sacrament - Gothic Metal
Tai-A - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Taid - Gothic Metal
Taija Rae - Gothic Metal
Tainted Grace - Gothic Metal
Taish - Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Tales of Dark... - Doom/Gothic Metal
Tales of Sorrow - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Tanker (Cze) - Gothic/Power Metal
Tarja - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Tarrabazza - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Tarsish - Gothic/Death Metal
Tartosgardh - Gothic Metal
Taste of Sin (Deu) - Heavy/Gothic Metal
TBC - Gothic Metal
Te Devm - Gothic/Doom Metal
Tearfall - Gothic Metal
Tearful - Gothic Metal
Tearless - Gothic Metal, Black Metal, Industrial
Tears in Silence - Gothic Metal
Tears of Magdalena - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Tears of Mankind - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Tears of Martyr - Gothic Metal
Tears of Melancholy - Gothic Metal
Tears of Moonlight - Extreme Gothic Metal
Tears of Mystigma - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later)
Tears of Rain - Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
Teitan (Pol) - Gothic Metal
Tellurian (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Templo Vampiro - Black/Gothic Metal
Temptation (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
Tempting Tragedy - Gothic Metal
Temujin - Gothic Metal
Tenebra (Lbn) - Melodic Black/Extreme Gothic Metal
Tenebrae (USA) - Power/Gothic Metal
Tenebrarum (Col) - Death/Gothic Metal
Tenebre (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Tenshy of Death - Symphonic Gothic / Melodic Death Metal
Teodasia - Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Terrae Sole Calentes - Gothic/Doom/Atmospheric Metal
Tetriconia - Gothic Metal
Teufel - Gothic Metal
Thalarion - Doom/Gothic Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Thanateros - Gothic Metal, Folk Metal
Tharsys - Gothic Metal
The A.X.E. Project - Gothic Metal
The Aerium - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
The Alchemy - Gothic Metal
The Answer (Can) - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Arcane - Gothic Metal
The Art of Dethronement - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Avatar - Gothic Metal
The Beauty of Death - Gothic Metal
The Beckoning - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
The Black League - Gothic Metal/Rock
The Blood Divine - Dark/Gothic Metal
The Bloodcult - Industrial Gothic Metal/Ambient
The Bloodline - Gothic Metal
The Blue Season - Gothic Metal/Rock
The Body Snatcher - Gothic Death Metal
The Bronx Casket Co. - Dark/Gothic/Atmospheric Metal
The Candles Burning Blue - Death Metal (early), Atmospheric Gothic/Rock (later)
The Cardinal - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Cascades - Gothic Metal
The Cellts - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
The Chapter (Prt) - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
The Circle - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
The Crescent (Deu) - Gothic/Death Metal
The Crest - Gothic Metal
The Darkness Within - Gothic/Death Metal
The Day She Died - Gothic/Death Metal
The Deadly - Death Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
The Dethroners - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Dogma - Symphonic Gothic/Power Metal
The Effigy - Gothic Metal
The Equinox ov the Gods - Doom/Gothic Metal
The Eternal (Aus) - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Final Season - Gothic Metal
The Flaw - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Flowers of Evil - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Foreshadowing - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Foreverlorn - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Fortuna - Gothic Metal
The Furious Horde - Gothic / Black Metal
The Gathering - Death/Doom Metal (early), Rock/Gothic/Atmospheric (later)
The K - Gothic Metal
The Kindred - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
The Kunst Conspiracy - Industrial Gothic Metal
The Last Embrace - Progressive/Gothic Metal
The Last Feeling - Doom Gothic Metal
The Legacy (Deu) - Gothic Metal
The Lords of Algol - Gothic Black Metal
The Loveless - Gothic Metal/Rock
The Lust - Gothic Metal
The Lust I Seek - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
The Man-Eating Tree - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
The Mansion of Soul Drain - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Missing: - Gothic Metal
The Mist of Avalon - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Morgue (Can) - Gothic Metal
The Murder of My Sweet - Gothic Metal
The Myth of Autumn - Gothic Metal
The Narthex - Gothic Metal/Ambient
The Old Dead Tree - Gothic Metal
The Prior's Diary - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
The Promontory - Progressive Gothic Metal
The Prophecy (Deu) - Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal
The Provenance - Gothic Metal
The Pseudo Philosophers - Gothic/Progressive Metal
The Raven (Ita) - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal
The Red King - Gothic Metal / Darkwave / Ambient / Neoclassical
The Revenants - Gothic Metal with Punk influences
The Saturnine - Gothic Metal
The Season - Gothic Metal
The Seasons of Wither - Gothic Metal
The Sequel - Gothic Metal, Melodic Black Metal
The Shadows Smile - Gothic Rock/Metal
The Silent Agony - Gothic Metal
The Sins of thy Beloved - Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal
The Storm (Est) - Gothic/Power Metal
The Sun of Weakness - Gothic Metal
The Sundial - Gothic Doom Metal
The Sunset - Gothic/Doom Metal
The SymphOnyx - Symphonic Gothic Metal
The Tears They Fall - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Third Collision - Gothic/Death/Thrash Metal/Metalcore
The Unborn (Arg) - Gothic/Doom Metal
The Veil - Gothic Metal
The Vision Bleak - Gothic Metal
The Void (Ita) - Dark/Gothic Metal with Doom elements
The Whisper - Gothic Doom Metal
The Wounded - Doom/Gothic Metal
Theatre of Enfant Terrible - Death/Gothic Metal
Theatre of Tragedy - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early), Industrial/Electronica, Gothic Metal/Rock (later)
Theatres des Vampires - Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Thee Orakle - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Themgoroth - Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Thin Line - Gothic Metal
Thirty 2 Life - Gothic/Heavy Metal
This Belief - Gothic Metal
This Empty Flow - Gothic/Doom Metal, Gothic/Ambient
Thora - Gothic Metal
Thorns & Flowers - Gothic Metal
Those Endless Eyes - Gothic/Black Metal
Thoughts of a Mortal - Gothic/Dark/Death Metal
Thoughts of Grief - Gothic Metal
Thousand Year Rain - Gothic Metal
Throne of Pagan - Gothic/Death Metal
Throned by Tyranny - Black/Gothic Metal
Thuban - Atmospheric Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
ThunDarkma - Gothic Metal
Thuule Gothica - Gothic Metal
Thy Slime - Gothic/Power Metal
Thy Tempest - Gothic Metal
Tiaga - Gothic Metal
Tiamat - Death Metal (early), Gothic/Atmospheric Metal/Rock (later)
Tiarra - Gothic Metal
Timecry - Symphonic Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Tisíc Let od Ráje - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
To Cast a Shadow - Gothic Metal
To Elysium - Gothic Metal
To/Die/For - Gothic Metal
Todesbonden - Gothic/Doom Metal
Tor Marrock - Gothic/Death Metal
Toreador (Chn) - Gothic Metal
Torment (Rou) - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
Torturhaus - Gothic Metal
Tot Svet - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Total Tragedy - Gothic Metal
Totennacht - Doom/Death/Gothic Metal
Totenstille (Arg) - Black/Death/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Totentanz (Aut) - Gothic Metal
Tothem - Gothic Metal
Tower (Pol) - Gothic/Death Metal
Toxic Society - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Tragedia - Gothic Metal
Tragedy Garden - Doom/Gothic Metal
Trágico Ballet - Gothic Metal
Tragodia - Gothic Metal
Trail of Tears - Gothic Metal (early), Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal (later)
Trance of Mine - Progressive Metal/Rock with Gothic influences
Transiency - Doom/Gothic/Death Metal
Transilvanian Beat Club - Gothic Metal, Death 'n' Roll
Transmigration - Gothic Metal
Transmission (Pol) - Industrial Gothic Metal
Transparent Things - Gothic/Heavy Metal with Rock elements
Treachery (Fin) - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Tres•Pass - Gothic Metal
Triarchy (Bra) - Gothic Metal
Trinnity - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Triora - Gothic Metal
Tripledeath - Thrash Metal/Punk (early), Gothic/Black Metal (later)
Tristania - Gothic Metal
Tristmoon - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Triumph des Willens - Melodic Death Metal, Gothic Metal
True Mind - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Tränenzeit - Black/Gothic Metal
Tuam Nescis - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Tular - Gothic Metal
Tunes of Dawn - Gothic Metal with various influences
Tunes of Grey - Gothic Metal
Twelfth of Never - Gothic Metal
Twelve Winters - Gothic Metal
Twilight's Embrace - Gothic/Doom/Death Metal
Twistedbliss - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Two Foot Candle - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Two Mirrors - Neoclassical/Gothic Metal
Type O Negative - Gothic/Doom Metal
Tyranty - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Tystnaden - Gothic/Melodic Death Metal
Tytania - Gothic Metal
Ultima Forsam - Dark/Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Umbra (Deu) - Death/Doom/Gothic Metal
Unbecoming - Industrial Death Metal (early), Gothic/Alternative Metal (later)
Unburn - Black/Gothic Metal
Uncreated Light - Symphonic Power/Gothic Metal
Undead Countess - Melodic Power/Gothic Metal
Undertow - Thrash Metal/Thrashcore with Gothic/Doom elements
UnderWater Moon - Melodic Gothic/Doom Metal
Undina - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Undish - Gothic Metal
Unhold - Gothic Metal
Unnamed - Doom/Death Metal (early), Heavy/Gothic Metal (later)
Unread Lips - Gothic Metal
Unshine - Gothic Metal
Unspoken Names - Gothic/Progressive Metal
UnSun - Gothic Metal
Until Extinction - Progressive/Death/Gothic Metal
Until Graves - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Untouchable Feeling - Dark/Gothic Metal
Unworthy - Gothic Metal
Upon Shadows - Dark/Gothic Metal
Urban Tales - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Urn (USA) - Gothic Metal
Vagrant God - Gothic Metal
Vaikus - Gothic/Doom Metal
Vaira - Gothic/Doom Metal
Valafar - Gothic Metal
Valdes - Black/Folk/Gothic Metal
Vale of Tears - Gothic/Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Valhalla (Est) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Valhalla (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Valkiria (Ita) - Black Metal (early), Dark Epic/Gothic Metal (later)
Valkyre - Melodic / Gothic Metal with Folk / Classical influences
Valle de la Muerte - Gothic Metal
Valuri Negre Dezlegate - Black/Gothic Metal
Valve 2.001 - Gothic Metal
Vampiria - Melodic Black/Gothic Metal
Vampiris - Gothic/Thrash Metal, Symphonic Black Metal
Vanadis - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Vanaheim (Mex) - Gothic Metal
VanGoth - Gothic Metal
Vanguard (Fin) - Symphonic Gothic Metal (early), Dark/Gothic Metal (later)
Vanity Fair - Gothic Rock/Metal
Vanquish (Prt) - Gothic Metal
Varon - Gothic Death Metal
Vasalla - Heavy/Thrash Metal (early), Metal/Gothic Rock (later)
Vasaria - Gothic Metal
VE.GA - Progressive Gothic Metal
Veil of Mist - Symphonic/Gothic/Progressive Metal
Veil of Sin - Gothic Metal
Veil of Sorrow - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Veiled Moon - Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Black Metal (later)
Vélfragor - Gothic/Death Metal
Velinas (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Velvet Masque - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Velvet Seal - Gothic Metal
Vena Valley - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Venial Sin - Gothic/Death Metal
Venin Noir - Gothic Metal
Venitia - Gothic Metal
Vennus Aeterna - Gothic Metal
Venter Caret Auribus - Black/Gothic Metal
Vera Efigies Instrumentis Oscurum - Gothic/Doom Metal
Verenperintö - Gothic Metal
Veritas (Bra) - Death/Gothic/Doom Metal
Vesania (Chl) - Gothic Metal
Vespera (Pol) - Gothic Black Metal
Vespera (Rou) - Gothic/Melodic Metal
Vessels of Wrath - Industrial/Gothic/Thrash Metal
Vetitum - Gothic Metal
Vexing Souls - Gothic Metal
Via Dolorosa (Mex) - Gothic, Progressive Metal/Rock
Via Mistica - Doom/Gothic Metal
Vicious Crusade - Thrash Metal with Folk and Gothic influences
Vigilia Septima - Gothic/Doom Metal
Villainthropy - Gothic/Power Metal
Violet Moon - Gothic Metal
Violet Moon Shining - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Virgin Black - Doom/Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Viridian - Melodic/Gothic Metal/Rock
Virus (Hun) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Visionaire (Rou) - Gothic Metal
Visionaire (USA) - Ambient/Gothic Death/Doom Metal
Visionoir - Darkwave/Gothic Metal
Vitaly - Gothic Metal
Vitreus - Gothic Metal
Vizant - Gothic/Doom Metal
Vlad (Ita) - Death/Gothic Metal
Vladimir - Gothic Dark Doom Metal
Voiceless Void - Gothic/Doom Metal
Von Branden - Gothic/Black Metal with Ambient, Classical and Jazz Influences
Von Sirius - Gothic/Dark Metal
Vorongrai - Gothic/Doom Metal
Vorticis - Power/Gothic Metal
Voyage (Nld) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Waking Myth - Gothic Metal
Waldheim - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Wassat - Atmospheric Gothic Metal
Wastescape - Gothic/Doom Metal/Folk Rock
Waterdream - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Way of Thorns - Symphonic Gothic Metal
We, the Gods - Gothic/Doom Metal
Wedding in Hades - Gothic Metal
Wedding Party - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Wedingoth - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Weena - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Weeping Silence (Mlt) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Weltschmerz (Swe) - Gothic Metal
Wereworld - Gothic Metal
What Remains - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Where Angels Fall - Gothic Metal
Where She Wept - Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
WhipKraft - Industrial Gothic Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later)
Whisper (Fin) - Doom/Gothic Metal
Whisper (Ita) - Ambient/Gothic/Doom Metal
Whisperium - Doom/Gothic Metal
Whispers of Fate - Symphonic Gothic Metal
White Pale Silence - Gothic Metal/Rock
Whores of Babylon - Gothic/Heavy Metal
Wicked (Esp) - Gothic/Death Metal
Widdershin - Gothic/Black Metal
Widescreen Mode - Heavy/Gothic Metal/Hard Rock
Wild Angel - Gothic Metal/Rock
Wild Garden - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Willow (Pol) - Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Willow Wisp - Gothic/Black Metal
Winds of Sirius - Gothic Metal
Wings of Fury - Gothic Metal
Winter Dawn - Gothic Metal
Winter in Eden - Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Winter of Life - Progressive/Alternative/Gothic Metal
Winter of Vehemence - Dark/Extreme Gothic/Doom Metal
Winter Reign - Melodic/Gothic Metal
Winter Storm - Gothic Metal
Winter's Thrall - Gothic/Doom Metal
Wintercold - Gothic/Doom Metal
Wintermond - Gothic Metal with classical and folk influences
Wintersoul (Deu) - Gothic Metal
Wintryfrost - Gothic Metal
Wipe Away - Doom/Gothic Metal
Wish - Gothic/Doom Metal, Gothic Rock
Wishing Well (Pol) - Gothic Operatic Metal
Wisteria (Ita) - Gothic/Industrial Metal
Witchcraft (Rus) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Witchery (Bra) - Gothic Metal/Rock
Witchkrieg - Gothic Metal
Wither (USA) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Withered Garden (Deu) - Power/Gothic/Progressive Metal
Withering Soul - Black/Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (now)
Within Temptation - Melodic/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Without Face - Progressive Gothic Metal
Wolfdance - Gothic / Melodic Metal
Wolfpack (Fin) - Gothic Metal
Wolven - Heavy/Gothic Metal
Woman Lies Bleeding - Black/Gothic Metal
Worship Factory - Melodic Death Metal with Gothic influences
Wrath of Killenstein - Gothic Metal
Wretch - Gothic/Black Metal
Wykked Wytch - Black/Gothic Metal
Xadoom - Gothic metal
Xandria - Gothic Metal
Xatarnite - Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal
Xess - Gothcore (early), Industrial/Electronic Gothic Metal (later)
Xianosys - Gothic/Industrial Metal
XIII (Isl) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Xshibuya - Gothic Metal
Xylonite Ivy - Melodic Gothic Metal
Überall - Gothic Metal
Year Zero (Lva) - Progressive Dark/Gothic/Doom Metal
Yggdrasil (Deu) - Gothic/Doom Metal
Your Shapeless Beauty - Doom/Gothic Metal
Your Tomorrow Alone - Doom/Gothic Metal
Ywolf - Dark Gothic/Folk
Zadok - Gothic Metal
Zalim - Black/Gothic Metal
Zangryus - Gothic Metal
Zatreon - Extreme Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Zelestial - Gothic/Black Metal
Zerberus - Gothic/Doom Metal
ZeroCold - Gothic Metal
ZeroCrowd - Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Zerokarma - Death/Doom/Gothic/Industrial Metal
Zeus (Idn) - Gothic Metal
Zia - Gothic Metal
Ziggurat - Gothic Death/Black Metal
Zulu - Stoner/Doom/Gothic Extreme Metal (early), Stoner Rock (later)
Zuraith - Black/Gothic Metal
Æmbermoon - Gothic Metal
Ætheria - Symphonic Gothic Metal
Öröm - Dark Ambient/Gothic/Doom Metal
§3B - Doom/Gothic Metal
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