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Band : Tirani
Genre : Gothic / Rock / Metal / ?
Title / syair / lirik / Lyrics : Go Away
Country : Indonesia , Cimahi bandung .
Tirani Gothic

when i fell sad in the night i'v seen my past were dying
i feel sun never again to light me and the darkness will com

My false step gone with the shadow, i lost my away and blashpherny
broken faith that never end , have fill my soul that rest in peace

than i say with out the light, to be close beuty of my life
still ness be friending immortal , living into this live

Maybe this is my destinay, that's always hurt's
all hope's are blow away. raise up the loneliness

i wish the angel i bring me to fly, for stay out from this plain
my self is my mind, wacth me sad and die
come on my endless life

where is my happiness " where is my mind when all dream go away" and i hopeless
where is my place to go, : press on my head
for disapeared this memmories............................

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