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Jumat, Februari 25, 2011

New Album Nightwish - Imaginarium - 2012 + Video Clips

Nightwish - New Album Concept

In the midst of recording a new album, the excellent band, Nightwish are making a movie.

"Imaginarium"is the title of it, and it's a musical fantasy film based on the concept of the next Nightwish album of the same name and with 13 new songs.

The protagonist of the film is a songwriter with an imagination of another world. He is an old man who still thinks he's a young boy. While he sleeps, travels to distant past where the world of his youth, mixing fantasy and music.
New Album Nightwis - Imaginarium - 2012
This unprecedented project, originated more than two years ago, when keyboardist and main songwriter of Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen, first introduced his ambitious idea to "Imaginarium " with his bandmates and Stobe Harju, director of Music video "The Islander".
Harju I send this film to be produced by Solar Films Inc., with Nightwish.
"Imaginarium"will be filmed in the European spring, to be released in 2012.

Now I leave you with Nightwish and the video clip of "The Islander "

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