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Senin, Januari 24, 2011

Download Video Lacuna Coil Live at Mexico 2010 + Discography

On Tuesday June 8 Lacuna Coil was presented in Mexico City before an audience that almost filled the three quarters of the Flying Circus local.

It was a very emotional concert, in which LC delight us with 21 songs in his repertoire, from his first productions as 1.19, When a Dead Man Walks and the Unleashed Memories Senzafine up Wont Tell You and your last Spellbound Shallow Life controversial. Besides the concert occurred 2 days after the birthday of the charismatic singer Cristina Scabbia (6 Jun), so there was also a concert half a cake with an enigmatic? the birthday candle, sang Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday.

Here I leave the stream of rola Survive with which opened the concert, he personally shot entirely in HD.

 List :
I'm Not Afraid
Fragments Of Faith
Tight Rope
I Won't Tell You
Heaven's A Lie
Wide Awake
To The Edge
When A Dead Man Walks
The Maze
Daylight Dancer
Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
Not Enough
Our Truth

Download Closer!!!!!!
Download Daylight Dancer!!!!!!!
Download Underdog!!!!
Download Fragments of Faith!!!!!
Download I Wont Tell You!!!!!!!
Download Im not afraid!!!!!!!
Download Not Enough!!!!!!
Download Senzafine!!!!!!
Download Spellbound!!!!
Download Swamped!!!!!!
Download The MAze!!!!!!
Download Tight Rope!!!!!!

Discography Lacuna Coil :
1997 Lacuna Coil [EP]
1999 In A Reverie
2000 Halflife [EP]
2001 Unleashed Memories (Limited Edition)
2002 Comalies (Special Edition)
2002 Heaven's Lie [Single]
2004 Comalies [Ozzfest edition] CD1
2004 Comalies [Ozzfest edition] CD2
2004 Swamped [Single]
2005 The EP's [Compilation]
2006 Closer [Single]
2006 Enjoy The Silence [Single]
2006 Karmacode
2006 Our truth [Single]
2007 Wacken 2007 - Visual Karma, Body, Mind & Soul [LIVE]
2007 Within Me [Single] (Italian CD)
2007 Within Me [Single] (Japanese Limited Edition)
2008 Visual Karma, Body, Mind & Soul [LIVE] (Special Edition) CD1
2008 Visual Karma, Body, Mind & Soul [LIVE] (Special Edition) CD2
2008 Visual Karma, Body, Mind & Soul [LIVE] (Wacken Open Air DVD)
2009 Manifesto Of Lacuna Coil [Compilation]
2009 Shallow Life (Limited Edition Digipack & iTunes Edition)
2009 Spellbound [Single]
2010 Shallow Life (Deluxe Edition) (2CDs)

Lacuna Coil - I wont tell you (Video) (2010)


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